How to Connect iPhone to tv

How to connect your iPhone or iPad to TV

You have both big (tv) and small screens (iPhone and iPad) in your home. Watching videos or your tour pics on TV is lot more fun than on your iPhone or iPad. Now you want to connect your iPhone or iPad to the TV. I have given everything in this post to do this thing.

Now you want to connect your iPhone or iPad to the TV. I have given everything in this post about how to connect your iPhone or iPad to the TV.

how to connect iphone to tv

Why do you want to connect iPhone or iPad to TV?

Every one watches youtube videos and surf web on their phone. That small screen is not enough. When you connect your iPhone or iPad to tv then you will see an excitement in you. Now you are so eager to watch your pics and videos on the big television screen.

The images or videos on the television screen are more clear than on your iPhone or iPad.

3 Ways to connect your iPhone or iPad to TV

WAY 1: – Connect a HDMI cable

HDMI cables transfer the multi-media files or packets very quickly from one device to another. When you use these cables latency takes place between your iDevice and TV.

You cannot simply connect a HDMI cable to your iPhone or iPad as it doesn’t have a HDMI port.

  • You need to buy a Lightning Digital AV Adapter. It is available on Apple official site.
  • Get a HDMI cable which is long enough to connect your iDevice and TV.

how to connect iphone to tv

Using this adapter and HDMI cable you can connect to a TV, Projector, or other compatible display in up to 1080p HD.

The image appears faster on your iDevice and after a few milliseconds, the same image appears on your TV screen. This is called latency.

  • Connect the adapter to your iPhone.
  • Attach the HDMI cable to the Adapter and to your TV or projector.

You are almost done with this simple steps.

  • Turn on your TV and select the HDMI mode.
  • The TV replicates your iPhone or iPad screen.
  • Now open what you want to. Images, apps, games, videos etc are displayed on your TV.

Remember about the latency, this doesn’t matter with images or videos. But when you play games, for sure you will see this as a problem. You will see “Game over” many times.

Note:- Use only branded items as they provide good quality for good money.

WAY 2: – Use AirPlay

Only Apple TV users can access this option. Get an Apple TV which is like a setup box. This process is called screen mirroring in android users language. You can escape all this wire and setup using the simple airplay option on your iPhone or iPad.

  • connect iphone to tv wirelessConnect the Apple tv on the same network where your iPhone or iPad is connected.
  • Open any pic, video, app, game to mirror your iOS device screen on your TV.
  • Launch control center(swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone or iPad screen).
  • Tap Airplay mirroring => select Apple TV.

Now your Tv starts to show to the same screen which is on your iOS device.You can start playing games, watch movies, videos which are on your iPhone.

WAY 3: – Connect using Chrome cast

You can use a TV stick like chrome cast. There are many other TV sticks on market, but here I will discuss the google chrome cast.

This TV stick will give you access to the internet with ease.

Note:- You cannot screen mirror your iOS device screen. But, it is easy to connect using your iOS device and an app with it.

connect iphone to tv wireless

These dongles are slow and often get stuck while playing videos. This option may not be adviced as there many other problems faced while using these TV sticks.

  • Buy and connect the TV stick in the back of your TV.
  • Download chrome cast app on your iOS device.
  • The more specific steps are provided here.

Conclusion: –

The Airplay option is very handy. If you can spend some money then buy an adapter and a HDMI cable. The Chrome cast or TV stick device is not recommended to use as that is slow. These are the 3 ways to connect your iPhone to the TV. Now enjoy your shows.