How to connect iPhone to PC

The iPhone is manufactured by Apple and PC software are made by Microsoft. Even though both companies have different OS platforms they support each other devices. Apple and Microsoft together made easy to connect your iPhone to PC

how to connect iPhone to PC
Apple and Google

The iPhone runs with iOS and your PC runs with Windows OS. These two things have different operating systems and OS architectures.

Reasons to connect iPhone to PC

Data Backup is very important. The easiest way is to use iCloud to Backup your data. The other reason might be to transfer your pc data to iPhone. Data like audio or video files will just pass your time when you are bored.

You need to download iTunes to transfer your data from pc to iPhone or iPhone to pc

Did you ever lose your charger adapter? hahaha, now the only way is to charge your iPhone is to connect it to PC or MAC.

Connect iPhone to pc

You can just connect the lightning cable into the PC and iPhone ports, but you need iTunes to make things work for you.

Now open the downloaded file and install iTunes. All you need to do is click next again and again until you complete your installation process.

After the installation iTunes starts to scan all your files on your PC and imports audio files to iTunes music library.

Each and every audio file is imported into your iTunes music library. From here you can transfer these files to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Looks like your iTunes is ready to connect your iPhone to PC.

  • Connect iPhone and pc using lightning cable.
  • On your iPhone ” Trust this Computer? ” will appear.  Tap on trust.
  • ” Do you want this computer to access your iPhone? ” pop up will appear on your PC, click Continue.
  • Now open iTunes and do things like changing your iPhone name.

But firstly backup is important. So, as soon as you connect to PC and open iTunes and click on Backup now popup.

This will transfer all your iPhone data to your PC. now you have a backup of your iPhone data.


To connect your iPhone to PC you need a lightning cable, PC, internet connection, iTunes and a bit patience.