How to backup iPhone to iCloud

Backup is necessary: –

Have you ever lost your iPhone and felt bad about keeping a backup of your data. Your iPhone stores your memories in form of Photos and videos. Few have very important data on their iPhone. All these are lost just because your iPhone is lost or broke. So, You need to just backup your iPhone to iCloud to store your data.

 How to backup iPhone to iCloud

What is iCloud?

Just before backing up your iPhone data to iCloud, completely know about iCloud. The iCloud is a service provided by Apple to store all your data in it. By Using a single iCloud id you can access data from any of your iDevices.

For example, if you upload your photos, videos or any other files from your iPhone to iCloud, using the same id you can access the same photos on your iPod, iPad or Mac.

How to backup iPhone to iCloud

Hope you got a clear idea of how iCloud works by observing the above image.

NOTE:-  You need to have the same apple id on all your iDevices to access the photos, videos or any files stored in iCloud.

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Backup data from iPhone to iCloud: –

  • Connect the iPhone to a decent speed Wi-Fi network.

Usually, the photos or videos captured using iPhone camera are of large size. The iPhone camera has a good quality to capture HD images and videos. You can run the camera to its extreme limits using few iPhone photography apps.

How to backup iPhone to iCloudYou need to have good internet speed to backup data to iCloud as your images and video file sizes are big.

High-speed internet connection is recommended for this back up to speed up the process.

  • Tap =>settings.
    How to backup iPhone to iCloud
  • Tap on your iPhone name, and tap iCloud [ or ] go to Settings, scroll down and tap iCloud.
    How to backup iPhone to iCloud
  • If the iCloud backup is turned off, tap iCloud Backup to turn it on. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap Backup. This will automatically backup your iPhone data to iCloud.
  • If you want to do it manually you will have another option below the iCloud backup option.
  • Tap the Backup Now option to manually backup your data.
    How to backup iPhone to iCloud

That’s it, there you have all your data backed up.

iCloud Storage plans: –

iCloud provides only 5Gb free data to store your files and memories. They have storage plans at reasonable prices at apple official site.

The price varies from country to country. But everyone can afford these prices.  The storage spaces are 5GB, 200GB, 2TB.

Apple is good at making their customers to spend money back on Apple products so that more money gets into apple treasure house.


iCloud is a service provided by Apple. The company provides only 5GB free storage, if you want more then you have to purchase an iCloud plan.

The 50 GB plan will satisfy almost all the iDevice users. Now backup your iPhone data to iCloud.

There are alternate options like google drive[20GB] or Dropbox [2-5 GB] which provide storage for free. Use these Services also to get more free storage space.

These are the alternate options to backup your iPhone data.

Enjoy the free storage 😉