Do you Google Like a pro. Become pro by this 2 minutes tips.


#1. You must have heard about it that “Any thing you search on google records in their server” . yes it does, and You too can see what all you have searched .

  or [ ]



#2  : This will allow you to see all the list of user name and passwords stored in chrome or google account . If you have multiple devices but same google account on them then it sync the passwords .

or [ ]

[wp-svg-icons icon=”bell” wrap=”i”] : Do not store Banking passwords/user name in chrome . Because once it is hacked you may loose all the accounts including Money .



#3  google voice You must have heard google senses and records every activity you do on internet . By the url given below you will be able to listed all the voice search done by you on your devices. This helps google to explore more about you and your language . Google allows you to delete these data you can simply mark them and delete all.

or [ ]




#5 google youtube which video you saw last night ? forgot, Don’t worry this link will help me to see history of your youtube visits and list of videos played .

or [ ]




#6  Do you have a doubt that someone else is accessing your google account or wanted to see the list of devices uses this account , Visit this url .

 or ]


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#7 Do you have an android device , if Yes the Don’t miss this .

What will be the first step when you loose your mobile . Probably you will be worried to save your data or locate your device as 90% people do , You can visit this url and do all the process .

  • Ring your device even it is silen mode
  • Delete the device data
  • Lock the device
  • Locate the device

Required : Net/WiFi connection + GPS should be enabled

or ]




#8 You can download all the data which have been stored by google from your devices . Being frank google records a lot but shares a lot data from you but shares a little .

 or [ ]


TIP[wp-svg-icons icon=”rocket” wrap=”i”] :If you don’t want to save your data in your account .

 Temporary Solution :

Before doing any search : go to Incognito mode in chrome[Menu->New Incognito Window] or Private window inFirefox [Menu->Private Window] and do the search.Google will still track you but the data won’t be stored in your account .

Permanent Solution  :

Visit this url and manage your account . For example if you don’t want to save the history of your youtube videos/search then you can simply turn them off .

or [ ] => Personal info & privacy => Activity control 



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