How to get video calling feature in my whatsapp, play store not showing whatsapp updates

how to get whatsapp video call feature


Android Play Store is not showing any update for WhatsApp how can I use video calling feature.Follow this 2 step tutorial to activate video calling feature in your Android device.


  • Step 1 : Become a WhatsApp BETA user
  • Step 2: Install the update.

You can become WhatsApp beta user by visiting the official link and accepting T&C of Whatsapp. Then the update will be visible on play store.

Install the Whatsapp update after step 1.


Who is a beta user ?

Beta users are the users who use the unstable version of the software or android application by accepting T&C of any company.  When the software version becomes stable and error free. The same software releases in the stable version after removing errors.

WhatsApp video calling feature only for the  beta users,  if you want to access the WhatsApp calling feature first thing you have to do is to become a beta user.

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if you are not able to then you  will not be able to use video call feature as of now.  no doubt WhatsApp will launch it official video calling feature ones the Android app become stable to do video calls.

Advantages of using Beta version on WhatsApp ?

You will get all the latest feature of the app.

You can use some paid features for free. In this case, Whatsapp has given video calling feature.

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Disadvantages of using beta version application ?

  • There may be Data loss
  • Device problems
  • Unstable feature and performance lag

companies ask to the beta users to accept the terms and conditions. it includes terms like “if there is a data loss or memory loss due to the application company is not responsible for any of the loss.”  

you have to accept the condition that if anything goes wrong you won’t blame the company or file a case against the company.

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I hope this article helped for the query ” play store is not showing WhatsApp update, How to get Whatsapp video calling feature?”

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