How to get a jio Sim for redmi Note 3 ?


Every Internet user has a new slang to talk about. Yes you are right it’s offers. How to get a Jio sim for redmi note 3 ? Well, The right question can be, How to get a Jio sim for free ?

Why to take a Jio sim ?

  • To have access to Free 4G data for three months and more.
  • To get Unlimited calls for free
  • To get Unlimited SMS for free
  • To get the Jio premium apps subscription for free

Things to know before getting a Jio sim for free


Things you need to get jio sim for free ?

  • Aadhar card
  • 4G device
  • Nearest Jio store address [Reliance xpress, Mini, Digital]

How to get a Jio sim for Redmi note 3 ? [xiomi]

There is no rocket science to get one, and anyone having a 4G smartphone can get that. But still, there are people who ask to get a Jio sim for their device.


Steps to get Jio sim for Redmi note 3

  • Download Jio old app [Not from play store, You will see the download link once you share it on facebook]
  • [sociallocker id=1057]Jio.apk[/sociallocker]


  • Install and open the app [Do not update MyJio app when It asks  you]
  • Open MyJio app and download all the Listed apps.
  • Then close My Jio App and Turn Off your Internet (WIFI or Mobile Data).
  • [Remember and be sure There should not be any internet connection ]
  • Open MyJio app and click open [Beside of MyJio option]. Tap “Open
  • Now , once you open MyJio app you will see Get JIO Sim . [Tap on Get Jio Sim] 

Congrats,  You are much nearer. Now follow the instructions carefully.

  • Turn on the Internet [Wifi or Mobile Data] and fill the details.
  • You will get a Bar Code, once you submit the details.
  • Take screenshot [or] a print of it.


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Once you get your Jio sim, you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours. Once you see the network in your device. Call 1977 and Confirm you identity by entering

Call 1977 and Confirm you identity by entering last 4 digits of you aadhar card number.

  • Your sim will be activated in next 5 minuted to 30minutes.
  • Create Your jio Id by entering Jio mobile number and your active email, You will be sent one OTp and verification email.
  • Now, Download all the jio related apps from play store and start using it.



You should Know :

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Hope this post answers the question, “How to get a Jio sim for Redmi note 3 ?

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