Foreigner shares his Experience after getting back from India !

Facts about India

This is a real life incident:

A European guy was deputed by his company to run a steel plant in India. After a couple of years, when he was going back, his colleagues threw a farewell party for him. During the party, someone asked him “So what is it that you have got to know about India during your stay here?”

He replied:
“After coming to India, I realized that GOD LIVES RIGHT HERE IN INDIA…

as only God could have ensured that this country is still up and running!!”

He was referring to the fact that the country is still working smoothly despite a dismal state of governance, huge bureaucracy, rampant corruption, lack of basic infra, etc. When businesses look at India, they see the favorable demographics, huge middle class, large market size, bettering standard of living, increasing consumption………. and they get tempted to run business in India. However, On coming to India, they realize it is really difficult to do business here because of the unfavorable policy environment, labor troubles, et al.

Source “Quora” .


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