How to Find Your Phone Number on an iPhone

How to find iPhone mobile carrier number?

You have a fancy or attractive mobile carrier number for your iPhone. Now you are not able to find your eye grabbing fancy iPhone mobile number.

There might be many reasons to forget your iPhone number.

Don’t worry brother, I’ll help you find your mobile carrier number. Here are 3 Ways to find your iPhone mobile carrier number.

In my case, I have used these techniques to find the number of the girl of my class.

Now you can also find a girl’s number who hesitate or reject you to give their number.

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Here are the 3 ways to get your iPhone number: –

1. Find it on in your settings: –

  • Go to => settings
Find your iPhone number.
  • Now swipe down to find the Phone option as shown below.
Finding your mobile carrier number.

Hey, now you got your iPhone mobile carrier number.

  • Besides My number is my mobile carrier number. You can find your number on your iPhone screen.
iPhone mobile number

In the image, I have blurred the number to protect my privacy. Every should have their privacy while they are online. We need to respect the privacy of each other.

2. Find it in your contacts: –

You save all your family and friends numbers on your iPhone to contact them. You take care of them in some other way using their contact number.

Your iPhone also does the same by saving your contact number.

Now let’s find where your iPhone saved your contact number.

  • Tap on Phone icon.
Tap on Phone icon
  • Here a dial pad screen will appear. From there head to contacts[ Tap on contacts icon]

In the contacts screen, your number will appear beside MY NUMBER.

These 2 ways are only ways to find your mobile number on iPhone.

Now let’s see another way to find the number using iPhone and PC/Mac.

3. Using iTunes: –

Itunes is the best and only way to transfer multimedia through PC/Mac.

When you connect your iPhone or iDevice to PC/MAC the iTunes saves few details of your device. IMEI number and Serial or phone numbers are stored there.

Now you should check those numbers.

  • Plug your iPhone into your PC/Mac using the lightning cable.
  • Now Open iTunes.
  • Click on “Devices” icon.
  • You will see the “Summary” tab. Now click on it.
  • All your device information will be displayed.

We have another way to find your number using iTunes. This is used to find you IMEI and serial number.

  • Click Edit > Preferences. A new window will pop up.
  • There you will find different iDevices which are connected to your pc/mac in the past.
  • Now hover your mouse over that device which you want.
  • A box with IMEI number and serial number appear.

Conclusion: –

There are only two ways to find out your iPhone mobile carrier number or simply you SIM number. The method using iTunes may be confusing and you may not find the number.

If you still find difficult to find your Number or have any other issues Visit Apple official site.