How to earn money by writing simple articles everyday?

How to earn money by writing content

The internet is full of opportunities but if you aren’t aware then you might end up using internet for Facebook and WhatsApp only.

So What’s the secret to earning money online?

There is no secret, it’s simple. You do the job and get paid.

Now earning money online can be done in many ways, but in this article, i am focusing on

How to write simple article being a student/housewife?

It’s quite simple, we will share you some marketplace where you can create your profile for free. Companies/Website Owners put their requirement on the website, you apply for an opportunity, they will choose you.

But, You might have a doubt that you never wrote a single article in your whole life! Will i be able to get selected?

Yes, But if you get a little training on how to write content. Now, I am not going to sell you any course. I will help you to understand the process, give you a little experience in content writing and boom you will start writing for yourself.

How to get an internship which will teach you How to get started with content writing?

We will train you for a month by giving you instruction for every step you perform. TECH0MENT team will tell you what you should include in your content to make it appealing and reader friend and a lot of other things.

You have to fill the form with all the relevant information to get a call from TECH10MENT team.

Before you contact us, make sure you have the following

  1. A computer/laptop
  2. Internet Connection



I have experience in content writing can you please share the marketplace so I start earning money?

Yes, why not. We as TECH10MENT believe in helping people to get started to earn money online. You can go to the site name contentmart and create your own profile.

How much time will it take if I request TECH10MENT to help me in learning How to write an article?

It depends on you how much time you able to spend on it. We believe a training of 1 month should be good enough if followed properly.

Do I have to pay anything to get trained?

No, You don’t have to pay any money to us. But you have to be punctual and regular.

Apply For Internship 

If you aren’t getting any response from TECH10MENT in a week. Then you can send a mail to [email protected] or drop a message on our facebook page.