How to download paid apps for free Blackmart alpha for Android apk?

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How to download paid apps for free ?

Well, how to download android apps for free. It is a popular question among android users. And also who are not able to afford the app. They want to use the full version of the app for a while and uninstall. After reading this article you will be able to download paid apps for free.

what is premium apps ?

Premium apps or full version app the rich kind of applications. Apps which are only available to any Android user after paying some amount to the seller.  A premium apps have all the features for the purpose it was developed.

An example of premium apps ! [Skip next, if you know]

Let’s take the example of Mini militia game  when you use the trial version, it have limited features and limited options. whereas in the paid version of mini-militia. it has many features like selecting advanced guns and having more bullets and etc.

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This does not only work for the mini militia but also almost all the apps available on Play store.  the app is named as Blackmart Alpha . It is available for all the users and it is availed in full. It doesn’t need to be purchased hence it’s free.

Finally, How to download paid apps for free ?

  • Download this app [sociallocker id=1057] Download Download FreeAppDownloade.apk[/sociallocker]
  • Allow installation from unknown source. [see the video]

  • Install the app you downloaded
  • start downloading paid apps for free.

Features of Blackmart Alpha

It is very easy to use except for the first time,  and maybe anything which you like for the first time

  1. It is very fast and doesn’t stick off with very low speed, as it has high-speed servers.
  2. All applications are completely free download in APK format
  3. It doesn’t need any payment to be downloaded and nothing calls free version and paid version
  4. You have complete access to the full version of app
  5. Multi languages than only in English
  6. Blackmart alpha has a number of collection from when other Android application repository which is available at a single place.


Talking about the Google Play Store it has millions of apps which are paid and full version.  what-what if I use you don’t use the app all the time and don’t require for all the time. Is there any need to buy the app Oppo full amount of money to get the full version,  no right.

Well, Blackmart also provides with an  Expendables feature to download almost all the paid version app for free. There is nothing called the trial application in this app.

Technical perceptions of Blackmart Alpha and to download the full version apps for free

Blackmart Alpha is one of a very good alternatives to Google Play Store and almost apps are available.

If ur getting an error telling that your phone is secure, and Blackmart alpha cannot be installed, then go to settings allow permission to install the application from unknown sources.

Blackmart Alpha is not compatible with my device ?

you don’t have to do a lot of things,  try to find the black mart alpha app  from here  and install Android device.


What is the benefit of  Blackmart Alpha to allow you to download apps for free?

Well,  when you download Android application from services like Play Store and Amazon application store. Ads make revenue for developers.  well here also the similar thing that happened there may be some script to show on some apps advertisement.

Is it illegal to use Blackmart Alpha and download paid apps for free ?

Blackmart Alpha Android application is legal to use. But in some cases, it may be illegal to download the full version of the application from it. Play Store  claims that any Android application which is available on PlayStore and downloaded from other sources than play store is illegal.

NOTE:  This tutorial to download paid apps for free is for education purpose only  and anything good or bad happens to the device are by the developers  is only to you,  please by the application if you can afford.



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