(Expired) Download audiobooks for FREE! See How!!

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Heyy wassup, everybody, looking for audio books for FREE! Yes, the next lines will take you to the point where you can download audiobooks for FREE and in a legal way!


Audiobooks :

Audio books are the type or content which you can hear anywhere.Almost everywhere iPods and Phones are allowed.

Why audio book, not books?

Why audio books?

  • You can hear the audios even when you are driving or sitting in a restaurant.
  • Each and every location and situation do not suit to read a hard copied books.
  • Most of the regular employees have a habit of traveling in bus/metros.  No doubt, how weired and tough it becomes when you spend your time with no purpose at all rather that standing.

Anyway, You can utilize this time by plugin in the earphone and hear the books you wanted to read long ago.

Why not Books :

  • Books are atmosphere specific hence they need silent places to read.
  • Standing and reading books place doesn’t look good.
  • Everyone do not have enough time to read books.


5 advantages of Audio Books

  1. Easy to use
  2. Interesting and productive for the people who hates reading books but loves to know
  3. Do not require focus to read
  4. Can be heard even you are hatching bus
  5. Time savour
  6. Can be carried anywhere


Here is the link of the store where you will get the audio books for FREE. You can create your account to maintain your your own collection of audio books! 


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