What is the difference between orange and blue color jio sim ?


difference between reliance orange and jio blueWhat is the difference between the blue Reliance jio SIM pack and orange Jio sim packs.

The first time when you visit at Reliance Digital Store to get you Jio sim.  you must knew that everyone was not getting the same SIM card. There were two kinds Jio sim packages, One was blue and another was orange colored You must have wondered that what is the difference between the red jio SIM pack and blue Jio SIM pack.

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The differences are between orange jio sim and blue jio sim are

  • The orange color using pack in the old version of jio SIM.
  • The blue color Is the new version of Jio SIM.

Which color reliance jio sim to buy and on which to port?

If you want to Port your mobile number from any Telecom to blue pack of jio sim only. But in Orange version of jio sim you cannot port your mobile number.


The blue colour Reliance jio SIM is the new stock and you can easily port your existing mobile number.

In case, you do not have any sim card then, The system will generate a new mobile number for you.

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The blue colour using package have an extra advantage to get activated in not time.  It can be activated by the electronic medium of jio SIM activation with also known for fast activation.

Blue sim takes maximum 1 week of time to be activated and in some cases even more.


Well,  there is very less chance that you will be getting the orange version of SIM card because the old stocks are already exhausted in most of the reliance digittal stores.

FEATURE Comparision

There is no difference between the functionality does both have so don’t go back and return the SIM card.

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