8 tips to control your addiction on social media

addiction on social media

Here in this page we would show you how get a control upon your addiction on the social media and these are listing out few points to it.

1.Disable the notification options

By disabling few notification setting these might the look over of person onto the social
media and get to is natural routine and is nature work.

2. Meet the people at real time

Rather than meeting the people in a video call ,normal call or by texting messages make
sure you go and talk with that person directly.

3 . Having week off

A stress buster in a continue routine might create a lot a peace of mind, were this
can be done only when you let your phone at home itself.

4. Live the moments

Live the moments actually enjoying the great for which you have spent your time ,money and many things . And make sure that enjoy the live moments need to enjoyed by seeing it lively with our own eyes not by taking a video and uploading it in social media.

5.Try to built up

6. Implementing rules

Vow here and now to stay off social media during meals, when commuting, and when you’re out or at bed.

6. Implementing rules

7. Cold turkey

This is a type of delete the apps which you are most addicted to this might change the
view of the person. this might reduce a major factor of problem were many people think
of it.

8. Get a new hobby

This might change your concentration from being on one to another Find activities that
take you from home. Bicycle, running & art events .Try to not use phone while practicing or attending.