China blocked brahmaputra, Now What ?

china blocked brahamputra now what

China has blocked the tribute Brahmaputra. The Brahmaputra is a river which originates from china and goes till Bangladesh through north India. The Year 2010 was a huge disaster by the Brahmaputra and the another disaster can be expected too. This may happen because china has stopped the Brahmaputra and started storing in a huge amount.

Prime Minister Modi speaks on Uri Attacks

Why China blocked Brahmaputra water ?

A very why question comes in mind! Well, Let’s see the past few moths, The hot and hurting topic for every Indian was The Uri attack, Jammu & Kashmir, Where 19 army militant got killed by 4 terrorists from Pakistan. This became the blood warming news among Indians, and of course for the Prime minister Narendra Modi. Modi fluently spoke that “We will use every silent way before getting started with rude way”.


Why china suspected to support Pakistan ?

China has been always opponent to India with an unreal friendship and a supporting of Pakistan in the matter of Jammu and Kashmir.


Who will be affected?

All the nearest villages, cities, and towns located near the village Ganges and the Brahmaputra.

What should me my responsibility as an Indian and How can i contribute to stopping this ?

China market products have a huge demand in the Indian market, which makes a huge value in the economy of China. As an Indian, we should support India and use the products only made in India rather than buying the products and services offered by China

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