7 Simple Ways to charge your iPhone Faster

7 Simple Ways to charge your iPhone battery


The iPhone has been maintaining the design quality right from the release of its first product. Now your iPhone does a bit heavy work which drains the battery faster. As it drains faster users want the battery to charge faster. The iPhone and many other smartphones use rechargeable lithium-ion technology. These batteries perform well when compared to older batteries. The Lithium-ion batteries weigh less, last longer and charge more efficiently. Now let us see how to charge iPhone faster.

Charge your iPhone faster

1) Turn ON Airplane mode:-

This might happen when you turn off the airplane mode while you are on a plane.

The Airplane mode is introduced in smartphones to avoid passengers on a plane from using mobile network while traveling. Because the passenger’s mobile network signals interrupt pilot’s radio signals. This will lead to improper communication between pilots and air stations. So, to keep passengers mobile phones ON and to block signals, the Airplane Mode was introduced.

charge your iPhone faster

Why Turn On AirPlane mode ?:-

Now let us see how turning ON airplane mode will help you charge iPhone faster. This mode will block all mobile network signals to your phone. So this will help in not losing the battery charge. Read more about why you need to turn on Airplane mode when you fly.

  • Turn On Airplane Mode to charge iPhone Faster.

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2) Avoid Phone while it’s Charging:-

Few be like “iPhone is my everything”, ” Without it, I cannot stay calm “, “My Girl Friend will text me please I want my Phone”. Ok if it is your girlfriend, then use it while your phone is charging. Because if you don’t text her back immediately she will drop a bomb on you.

Why avoid Phone while charging:-

While the phone is charging if you use the Li-ions gets charged and discharges simultaneously which is not good to your battery life on a long run. For Eg: – If you play and eat simultaneously your suffer from a stomach ache after some time.

This happens if you eat and play simultaneously
  • Do not you use your iPhone while it is charging to charge iPhone faster.

3) Charge the Phone in room temperature:-

Try to charge your iPhone at room temperature. Few charge their iPhone under sunlight, this will degrade the battery life. These phones generate heat while it is charging, if you add more heat to this then for sure you will see your battery to degrade its performance.

Why charge at room Temperature?

Your iPhone is designed to work at 62-72 °F. If your iPhone surroundings are warm or colder than this temperature your iPhone does not work better. Whenever you charge iPhone try to keep at these temperatures. This will help your iPhone charge faster.

  • To charge faster put it in a room temperature.

4) Remove iPhone Case:-

we know that iPhone case is used to protect it from accidental falls. Try to charge your iPhone without iPhone case. Try not to drop it down.

If you drop down your iPhone

Why shouldn’t you charge with your case?

As I said before your iPhone works well at 62-72 °F.

  • Remove iPhone case for fast charging. 

5) Use bigger chargers to charge iPhone faster:-

If you want to charge your iPhone in the fastest way, this is a way. Use the charger of different iDevices like iPad or any upper version of iPhone. This will allow you to charge 40% faster than your regular charger.

Why Bigger chargers?

The chargers are made to charge the devices according to their battery capacity. If the battery capacity is more than the charge time should be less.

  • Use the charger of iDevices which have greater charging capacity.

6) Do not connect to the internet:-

Always turning on the flight mode is not a better option as someone might be in your help and make a call to you. At situations like this flight mode is not a good option instead turn off any connection between your iPhone and internet. This will help your iPhone to charge faster.

Why shouldn’t you connect to the internet?

Many packets are exchanged between your iPhone and internet. During this exchanging process, more battery charge is used than when the iPhone is idle.

  • If you are not interested in turning on flight mode then turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data. This will charge iPhone faster.

7) Charge it fully at least Once a month:-

Most of the people discharge their iPhone before it reaches 80%. It’s because of the Lithium-ions battery charge fasts till it reaches 80% and the slow down after 80 %. The Lithium-ion battery is designed in a way to charge fast till it reaches 80 % and slow down from 80-100%. 

Why Charge Full at least once in a month?

The full charge will help the battery to last longer. There is more about these Lithium-ion batteries at Apple official site.


The above 7 tips help you to charge iPhone faster. Airplane mode, Bigger chargers helps to charge iPhone faster than the rest other 5 tips.


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