How to change android keyboard Theme

Change android keyboard Theme:-

The custom Android keyboard which comes with your phone is too boring. We wish the company manufactures to build good looking keyboards. But there is something we can do without the help of our phone manufacturers i.e to change android keyboard theme. As you have an android phone there will be an inbuilt Google keyboard. Now let us discuss how to change the theme and place your favorite image on the keyboard. After this, I will share few keyboard tricks.

keyboards for your Android phone

  • Google keyboard.
  • Third party keyboard apps.

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Google keyboard:-

Any branded Android phone will have 2 keyboard options. One is the company custom keyboard and another one is the Google keyboard. As Android is powered by Google, any android phone will have a google keyboard option.

  • Step 1 :-  Goto => Settings



  • Step 2 :- Tap on => Language and keyboard or Language & input.


  • step 3 : – There under KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS change the current keyboard to Google keyboard. If you don’t find Google keyboard tap the current keyboard.

Now tap select more option and select Google keyboard.

Now select G keyboard I mean Google.

  • Step 4 : – Goto => google keyboard settings and tap Theme option.



Now the above screen will appear.

  • Step 5: – You can select the default options given there or Tap on My Image option to set your favorite pic as the keyboard theme.
  • Step 6: – After you tap My Image option you will be directed to your photo library. Now select any Image to make your keyboard beautiful.

  • Step 7: – Select the area to appear on the keyboard.

  • Step 8: – Adjust the brightness to your desired level.

Tip: – Adjust the brightness to 80 %. If you adjust less the image will not be appeared or if you adjust more the letters on keyboard won’t be clearly visible.

There you go. Now you have your image on the keyboard.

This is about the Google keyboard. Now let’s discuss the third party keyboard apps.

Third party keyboard apps:-

There are many third party apps in the play store. But don’t download unknown developers apps, those may steal your personal information like passwords as you type that using the app.

Note: – Don’t download unknown apps as they might steal your passwords.

1. Multiling O keyboard:-

This is a free app and comes with 200 languages. Now you can type messages in your own mother tongue rather than English. Download it from play store.

2. Typani keyboard

This a keyboard which comes with 90 languages which are less compared to O keyboard. It has many other features like emoji s, stickers, word prediction, auto correction.  This is not a paid app, it is free of cost. You can download this app from play store.


3. Chrooma keyboard:-

This is an app which is free to download but costs you some money to access more features in this application. The app quality is decent. You can download it from play store.