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The Ultimate Planning App | Pagico 8

Pagico is a task planning app that  helps in scheduling our tasks easily thereby staying organised by storing all the user projects in its...
How to control data usage for every app in in android png

How to Control/Block Internet Access in Specific Apps on Android?

How to Block Internet Access in Specific Apps on Android In today's world, you can't imagine a person without a smartphone, especially the young generation....

Leaked lenovo ZUK Edge pictures and packing

ZUK Mobile is a Chinese internet smartphone company founded in May 2015. It is headquartered in Beijing. It has been a great smartphone seller...

How to generate JIO SIM bar code for free ? | Jio sim with...

What is Jio and how to bar code to get a Jio sim for FREE? Jio is a telecom company founder in 2015 but just...
best android apps for kids

10 Best android apps for your kid

There are hundreds of apps to help your kids mind; Parents get confused every time that which app is good for their child. I...
download music from amazon

(Expired) Download audiobooks for FREE! See How!!

Heyy wassup, everybody, looking for audio books for FREE! Yes, the next lines will take you to the point where you can download audiobooks...
Nokia 6 specifications

Nokia 6 smartphone, Everything to know about Nokia 6

Finally, Nokia 6 has been released as expected in 2017. Many rumors have come and gone, but the real GrandFather has just arrived with...

Leaked Moto G5 and G5 plus pics and more Info!

Yes, you read right! The Moto G5 and G 5 plus has been leaked! The viral info regarding the brand Motorola has come that the...

70% Discount Sale

KEY DISCOUNT CALLOUTS | 11th - 14th May Up to 35% OFF on Mobiles Up to 50% OFF on Mobile & Accessories 40% -...
8 tips to save your smartphone battery

5 Best Tips to Save Battery in Your Smartphone

Does your iPhone battery backup suck? Do you see your iPhone has 4% while coming back after long working hours?   Ever thought, Why old $$...
5 gadgets Android users should have

5 gadgets Android users should have

Hellooou... Android users, This post is especially for android users, so if you are iPhone users please jump from this place right now. :v...
5 reasons why android is better that iphone

8 reasons why android is better than iPhone

“The iPhone is the Best smartphone ever made” is quoted by so many apple fans but believe me it’s not true in all the...