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Every thing to know about Apple iPhone 7

Apple released iPhone 7 and then there are so many fact and features to know about. This iPhone came with a lot of improvement...

Download best softwares of all the time for FREE

Most of the time a common man may not have enough money to purchase every software and use or the software cost are not...

How to port my mobile number to jio. [5 easy steps]

How to port my number to jio or reliance jio was the 1st question from the Iphone users and one sim card enabled device users. Well, so...
things to know before you buy iPhone 7

Things You Should Know Before You Purchase iPhone7

Things You Should Know Before You Purchase iPhone7 Apple always makes its products demanding and worth it. People wait like crazy to see and attend...
black mart alpha blackmarket download how to get paid apps for free on android

How to download paid apps for free Blackmart alpha for Android apk?

How to download paid apps for free ? Well, how to download android apps for free. It is a popular question among android users. And...

25 Things that only Indian college students experience

25 Things that only Indian college students experience. College life is the best life as every one says and experiences. There are the 25 memories...
How to recover deleted data

How to recover or formatted date from memory card, Harddisk?

Have you ever deleted any file permanently by mistake and even from recycle bin. And the that was so important that you really needed. I think...
debit card faraud prevention tips

Tips to prevent debit and Credit card frauds

3 easy steps to secure your debit card from founders 2 step authentication: 2 step authentication is a system to verify your identity twice while doing...
how to get whatsapp video call feature

How to get video calling feature in my whatsapp, play store not showing whatsapp...

  Android Play Store is not showing any update for WhatsApp how can I use video calling feature.Follow this 2 step tutorial to activate video...
how to get whatsapp video call feature

whatsapp video calling apk download

WhatsApp video calling apk download Whatsapp has recently released the what app calling feature and you can access from here. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); You will...
download jio barcode

Jio Barcode download

Jio Barcode download How to jio barcode download for free?  This can be solved by downloading this MyJio app.  This question is answered for everyone who has...

Read this before you buy a new computer

When To Buy A New Computer And What To Do With The Old One Computers are great. When you receive your first computer, you will...