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moto hub

Motorola Launches 6 moto hub

Indian smartphone market is hue, when it comes to marketing there is a lot of strategy which has been played. Vivo and oppo has taken...
10 android apps you don't know about

10 Android Amazing apps you never knew!

 There are lots of apps on Play Store which may resembles the other. This cause some apps to be underrated. Don’t the best of...

10 Things will happen when you will start using Jio sim!

When, you just started using Jio You will have no time for GF Your House will become the new Jim Jio speed in Evening When You open your...

Youtube rewind 2014 : You won’t miss that

Youtube rewind 2014 Youtube rewind are one of the most popular videos on youtube having all the youtube video, News, Music makers.
best android apps for kids

10 Best android apps for your kid

There are hundreds of apps to help your kids mind; Parents get confused every time that which app is good for their child. I...
7 amazing website you must know

5 amazing websites you don’t know

The Internet world is full of information. Almost everything is available and you can get almost any software and it's alternative for free. But...

5 Pro tips to buy USB Flash Drives Online

The world has digitalized and almost everyone, carry data/documents for domestic or personal usage in some kind of memory device. For the purpose, many...
best football games

Top 5 Football Games for iPhone (IOS).

No one needs the introduction about the football. It is the topmost sport played all over the world. Here we brought some of the best...
How to download youtube videos ?

How to download youtube videos ? October 2016

How to download youtube videos ? This have been a trendy question on google since years. Yes, It has been trendy query on Google because YouTube...
things to know before you buy iPhone 7

Things You Should Know Before You Purchase iPhone7

Things You Should Know Before You Purchase iPhone7 Apple always makes its products demanding and worth it. People wait like crazy to see and attend...
8 tips to save your smartphone battery

5 Best Tips to Save Battery in Your Smartphone

Does your iPhone battery backup suck? Do you see your iPhone has 4% while coming back after long working hours?   Ever thought, Why old $$...
Facts about India

Foreigner shares his Experience after getting back from India !

This is a real life incident: A European guy was deputed by his company to run a steel plant in India. After a couple of...