iPhone is Better than android

8 reasons Why iPhone is Better than android

Android is Better than android, Stop it! Check out the 7 reasons why iPhone is better than android. Send this article to iPhone haters, they...

How can I change my Jio SIM card’s ownership?

Changing the ownership of a reliance jio sim is quite easy but impossible if you call customer care support. But before I get started let...
Program depicting array's three largest numbers with one loop

Program depicting array’s three largest numbers with one loop

Programming: Programming in software is the main skill every software company needs, while going to any developer interview some of the questions would tense us...
Automation Artificial Intelligence

7 strong reason that syndicates Automation in the next big thing

Automation, Artificial intelligence, Bots are the next big things industry is developing right now. Before getting into the basic concept , Let us know Mobile...
tips to boost your phone like a pro

5 tips to boost your phone speed like a pro

Now a days phone have become a biggest part of our daily life , infact essential enough that we cannot live without. One of...
laptop vs smartphone

Laptop OR the latest smartphone? which one should you purchase as a student?

The technology is revolutionizing every day, the new version of iPhone x y z releasing every next year, but what something which is not...
7 missing apps from platstore

7 Useful Android Apps not Available on PlayStore

There are so many apps out there in the marketplace. Since 2013 google wasn't strick enough with android developers and play store but then...
10 things people do with their laptop

10 Things People Do on Their laptop [Online & Offline]

Ever wondered what people do with their laptops instead of just programming o making PPTs or Projects? By having a laptop with various software installed you...
How to earn money by writing content

How to earn money by writing simple articles everyday?

The internet is full of opportunities but if you aren't aware then you might end up using internet for Facebook and WhatsApp only. So What's...

Apple to get sued after slowing down older iPhones

Apple finally admits the apple iPhones are slowed down by Apple Official. Apple has never mentioned or requested this permission to the phone users...
aggressive programming

Things to Learn to Become an Aggressive Programmer

Coding! Fascinating to hear this word, most of the programmers feel anxiety after listening to this word. while others feel a sort of ache...
Is it necessary to have a laptop as a computer science student LEARN BY DOING

5 Things you are missing Not having a laptop

If you are a student then you know how important a laptop is. In everyday life, you might not need a laptop but if...