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How to screen record on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch ?

Before the release of iOS 11, there are tons of third-party apps to record your screen on iPhone. These apps weren't handy to screen record. The...
computer science student

How to buy laptop for computer science?(2018 Buying Guide)

Selecting a Laptop for CS Student If you are a computer science student or IT professional, you ought to buy a laptop that meets your...

How to create website authentication like google webmaster in your Saas business?

Verify content from backend like google webmaster? Step 1: Generate a Random key Generate a Random key and allocate, save to the domain profile and create...
is it necessary to have a laptop as a cs student Time

Is it necessary to do Computer Science Engineering with a laptop?

Engineering is an easy field if you have practical knowledge. Days are gone where everything was taough and students were noting down. Facebook, WhatsApp, and...

Save battery on iPhone

11 Ways to save your iPhone battery: -   Every device in tech world which is new works to its best. But the thing comes after...

How to port Aircel number to Airtel?

How to port aircel number to any other network is the most google query happening on google. So i found a new technique, not the...
Important Subjects to learn for Computer Programming

Important Subjects to Learn for Computer Programming

Computer Programming: Computer programming is the most demand in skill in the market rightnow. There are some important subjects to learn for computer programming, which...
6 TIPS to enhance your productivity using your laptop

[6 ways] How Laptop can enhance your practical knowledge

The laptop is one device that is becoming a necessity in everyone’s life. Bess student, worker, housewife, teacher, businessmen etc. The laptop is one...

How to find imei number without iphone

Find IMEI number without iPhone: - All the ways you need to find out your IMEI number with or without your iPhone is simple. You...
4 tips to purchase a perfect laptop

6 Essential Things To See While Purchasing A New Laptop

There is nothing like a perfect laptop, the perfection is dependent on the type of user and the reason he is buying a new...

3 ways to delete your iOS app on iPhone or iPad

Do you know that number of available apps in the Apple App Store since July 2008? As of January 2017, 2.2 million mobile apps were available to...

How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad

2 simple ways to factory reset your iPhone or iPad iPhone or iPad has only one memory( 32, 64, 128 GB) to store. iPhone is...