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Why Lithium battery used in iPhone

Why Lithium battery used in iPhone: - The lithium batteries are the best choice for smart phones in this today's world. All the smartphone manufacturers...
tips to boost your phone like a pro

5 tips to boost your phone speed like a pro

Now a days phone have become a biggest part of our daily life , infact essential enough that we cannot live without. One of...

Apple to get sued after slowing down older iPhones

Apple finally admits the apple iPhones are slowed down by Apple Official. Apple has never mentioned or requested this permission to the phone users...

How to update software on your mac

Your mac book runs on Operating system and you use a lot of app store apps. To avoid vulnerabilities and chance of getting hacked...
iPhone is Better than android

8 reasons Why iPhone is Better than android

Android is Better than android, Stop it! Check out the 7 reasons why iPhone is better than android. Send this article to iPhone haters, they...
7 missing apps from platstore

7 Useful Android Apps not Available on PlayStore

There are so many apps out there in the marketplace. Since 2013 google wasn't strick enough with android developers and play store but then...
10 things to know about apple

10 Things you Don’t know about Apple

Apple is just not just a brand or which produces the good looking iPhones and Macbook =s but also many things.  It is also not...
5 ways to use a laptop like a pro student

5 Tips for Students to use a Laptop like a pro

The laptop is one device which can help a student and it can also distract a student in many ways. The laptop gives you...

Set Your favourite song as your iPhone ringtone

The Apple products have their own tones for your device but the problem begins when you get bored you start hating iPhone ringtones. The...
top 10 best shopping website in india

Top 10 Best Online Shopping Websites in India

Are you the one who loves shopping, wait the right question should be! Are you someone who love to do shopping online and want to...
Is it necessary to have a laptop as a computer science student LEARN BY DOING

5 Things you are missing Not having a laptop

If you are a student then you know how important a laptop is. In everyday life, you might not need a laptop but if...
Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

[2018] Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

There are so many photo editing android apps in the marketplace but how will you define that this paps is good. Probably by the...