How to bypass 2GB data limit on Reliance Jio Sim ! Trick to bypass Jio data Limit


Jio or Reliance Jio was a big boom in the market until people started using it !  There were few things about Jio and can be counted as  disadvantage is

  • Data limit [Limited to 2Gb, and 4Gb]
  • Voice Calls aren’t connecting

Don’t worry, People like you and me will never face an issue with these restrictions.

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Q. This trick is only for rooted devices of Unrooted devices also ?

For all the devices, which supports Free Jio sim. You can do on the new listed devices to get the Jio sim as well.


Requirements to Break the data limits of your Jio Sim


Now, Let’s begin

  1. Uninstall all the apps related to Jio Sim and Turn on Jio data connection. [Turn on your Jio mobile data]
  2. Download Jio old apk
  3. DownloadJioOld.apk

  4. Turn off Mobile data and Install Downloaded APK 
  5. Open MyJio app and click open [Just beside My Jio option]
  6. It says “No Internet Connection”, Click “SignUp”  and tTurn on Jio Mobile data
  7. Complete the signup process [Fill your details along with you Jio sim no] and SignIn to your registered account!
  8. Next, Close the all running Jio apps and Install all the Jio apps Eg: Jio Join, Jio Play and etc from play store
  9. Open all the 10 apps you have installed before and close them. [for authentication]
  10. Now, Turn off your mobile internet and open MyJio app using open button  beside MyJio app lists.
  11. Now you will see “Get Jio Sim,Sign In,Sign Up”  screen.
  12. Click get Jio Sim
  13. Now you will see screen telling ” No internet connection”, Turn on Jio Mobile data
  14. Click back button in you device, You will get Sign Inautomatically.
  15. You will see a pop Up tellin , Unlimited calls and data.
  16. Click “submit“, You are done ! Congrats, Unlimited data is activate on your device!




Q. I didn’t get the unlimited data with my Jio sim, What to do ?

Be sure you are “Turning of the data’ at the exac step we mention, because every step of authetication is being tracked by Reliance Jio. Follow the procedure, you will get it.


Q. I am getting “Busy Parameter Error”, What to do ?

Don’t worry, It usually happens when you forget to Turn of Mobile data at any instance.

  • Clear App data for application setings
  • Follow the above steps without failing!

Q. I didn’t get any popup telling Unlimited data.

Cool, Clear the app data and follow the steps, You will be be able to break limited data and get Unlimited data for 3  months.

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