Best Laptop Brands for working employees (Office Laptops)

best laptops for employees

There was a time when there were only 3-4 brands in the market that manufactured laptop. In today’s world, there are plethoras of brands that manufacture laptops in all the price ranges.

Here is our pick of top 5 brands that are currently leading the market and hence, you should also buy these brands if you are planning to buy a new laptop.

Also before we are getting started, here are quick suggestions as “a professional laptop” really depends on what kind of profession you are considering to use.

In case you are hurrying to buy a professional laptop, here is an easy table you can refer to to get the best laptop.

Profession Minimum Config Quick links
Software/Web Developer 16GB, i5, 1TB HDD/SSD See Best Laptops for Web Developer: Macbook Pro
Gaming (play & dev) 16GB, i5, 1TB HDD/SSD, 4Gb graphic card Lenovo Legion, Dell Alienware or MSI
Video Editing 16GB, i7, 1.5TB, 4Gb Graphic Card See best laptops for video editors in the US
Marketing 8GB, i5, 500Gb Best laptops for digital marketers (The Digital Hacker)
Net Browsing/General 8GB, i5, 1TB, Gb Macbook Air

If you are still reading his article, let’s continue with the list


Apple is one of the leading brands in the market in the world of mobile phones. People are ballistic about the iPhone mobiles. They are more of a brand symbol. But it is undoubtedly that the company is amongst the best. They have the best software that gives you a smooth experience and thus you will be impressed.

They have the best designs with the strongest processor and fastest RAM. Just like phones they can be a bit expensive in the pocket. Apple MacBook Pro is the best laptop you can buy from the Apple Store.


hpHP is amongst the most recognized and valuable brands in the world of laptops. It has the laptops which are the best combination of functionality and style. They have the highest-ranked products in every kind of specification.

They have the best laptops and we recommend you to buy the new HP Spectre X360 which is an Ultrabook. This Ultrabook has all the best features regarding the fastest processor and the 8GB RAM. It has a long battery life with bright screen colors.


dellDell is one of the best brands in the market for laptops. Recently Dell launched XPS 13 which is leading the market these days. It is the best product you can buy as a student or an employee.

This one is a powerful device and is also aesthetically superior. The device is quite fast and has long battery life. The products by Dell are amongst the best but they are quite expensive.


The designs from this company are famous as they are dark and nondescript. They might not have that style like other laptops but they are quite strong. They are well known for their quality and durability.

They have the best hardware and software. Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Yoga is on our list of the recommended device. This device has a fast processor and a good RAM and 512 GB storage on SSD based storage.


asusAsus is also a brand that is amongst the best when it comes to laptops. They have high-quality components and are also affordable. Their designs are solid and quite amusing to the eyes.

They have models that are quite high in cost and are thus custom made for those businessmen who need that hardware and software. Asus ZenBook UX330 is one of the most powerful laptops in the ZenBook series.

Hope the list of these laptops for working employees or best laptop for office purpose will help you in choosing a laptop.

If you have any other brand which you like to be mentioned please leave a comment below we will consider your opinion.