Best iphone apps That you should have

Best iPhone apps – 2017

The app store has over 2.2 million ios apps for your iPad, iPhone, and other ios devices. All the apps present in the store may not be useful to everyone. Here there are the 5 best iPhone apps that you may like it. Here I won’t list apps like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat and other social media apps as you might be already using it. In this list, there is a super app which every computer enthusiast likes the content in it. That app offers you computer courses for free.

This is how your friends behave when you own the latest iPhone and feel jealous.

While seeing your iPhone
After seeing your iPhone

 1.  1 password manager:-

The bigger phone means a lot of space and capacity to handle many apps. Most of the apps and websites ask you for login details. All of us set simple passwords related to our personal life and these simple passwords are not secure. Remembering all these passwords for apps and websites will be a big problem to you. Here 1 password manager iPhone app will be a solution to you. All you need is to set a single password for this 1 password app. This app will set strong passwords with a combination of upper, lower case letters, numbers and symbols. It makes hard for cracking your password.

Note: – This a 30 days free trial app.

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2. Storage apps:-

The ability to take HD images and videos on your iPhone is a really good thing. But these images and videos will make you run out the storage very soon. You need to store them on cloud. Unfortunately, icloud will provide you only 5GB of free storage and costs you for extra storage. There are alternative apps which provide more free storage than icloud.

i) Google drive :-

This is the only app which provides a total of  15 GB storage for free. This 15GB is a count for all files, your Gmail account, and Google Photos (if you use those services), but not Google Docs. If you want more than 15 GB storage then you have to pay some amount per month.

Here are the google drive plans if you are willing to pay for it. These plans are same in India also, just convert the USD into INR.

[table id=2 /]


ii) iCloud:-

The apple tries get revenue from its users even after selling their devices. It provides only 5 GB of free cloud storage. This storage is not sufficient for Apple users as the size of each image is high. The Apple cloud storage prices are equal to their competitors price. The only sad thing is that it provides puny 5 GB storage.  Here are the Apple cloud storage prices.

[table id=4 /]


iii)  Dropbox :-

This supports multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows. This gives a 2 GB of free data for you and has a paid plan of 1 TB storage.

[table id=5 /]

Money Saving TIP:-

If you are an average user who just stores images, videos, and other important files. Take all the free plans, google drive, iCloud, Dropbox. All these plans give a total of 22 GB (15+5+2) free data. If you want a little more storage create multiple accounts.

3. Google Now:-

The Google has entered into Apple products and giving a competition to Siri your virtual assistant. Later this year Google announced its virtual assistant for Apple users. This will be a third party app which you need to download it from the app store.

Siri is a wonderful virtual assistant. when it comes to Siri vs Google now it does less work.


4. Cybrary :-

This is an app like a library where you find everything about cyber security. This is the app which I said every computer enthusiast will like. Here there are courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Start at beginner level you will get to know about lot many things of the computer you use daily. They also provide a certificate to you after completing the course, you could find a job with this certificate in the app itself. This is the best iPhone app for a computer enthusiast.
Note : – This app may not work effectively, try to use the website.

5.  Social Media: – Reddit

People who are bored with FB, Insta, Twitter interact with this media. Reddit is unique from other social media platforms. These platforms consist of more images, videos, GIF format posts. The user interface is simple and enjoyable. When you open your Reddit account details there are karma points. You can gain these points for every upvote (just like a like on FB) for your post or comment.

Note :- If you want to post something to your Reddit account you need to have at least 10 karma points.
These are the best apps to make your iPhone more useful to you. There are many other alternatives to these apps for except cybrary app. This is the app which gives a lot of knowledge about the computers to you.



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