Top 10 Best Hacking Movie List

Best Hacking Movies List

Hacking Movie List

Hacking, Something which creates an intuitive behavior in youngsters. The techy boys always love to become hacking as it includes breaking things and find the information.

I see You are interested in this article because you want to know many things about hacking and hackers, their lifestyle, their strategy to hack gadgets, servers and highly secured computers.

Well, we have made a list of best hacking movies for a hacking enthusiast like you. I am sure by watching these hacking movies you will be able to spend your quality time in learning something new.

The things which you see in the movies are not most likely to happen in your real life but if you wish to you can do by yourself. Remember, you do not break the law and fall into legal issues.

As Skills like hacking and cracking are used for good as well as for bad purposes. In the list of hacking movies, you will see white hat hackers (Good People) and black hat hackers(Bad People) will fight with their skills to save the systems and highly confidential data.

After watching the movie observe yourself that who are you admiring, is it the good or bad?

This will give a hint to you what you actually wanna become from inside. There is nothing wrong if you admire bad (black hat hackers) because doing bad things for a good cause is okay.

The hackers in the movies hack into the computers very easily but its really hard and take lot of time and effort to hack anything.

Here I give you a list of hacking movies which will inspire you and provide you some technical information for your bright hacking future. Remember that these movies will not give you a whole knowledge about hacking.

Best Hacking Movies List


#1. Snow den (2016)

  • Director: Oliver Stone.
  • Initial release date: RUSSIA 15 spet 2016.

This is the movie based on a true story. Edward Joseph Snowden is an American computer professional who has leaked classified information from (NSA) national security agency using a small memory card. The information is about the NSA spying on each and every person through electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, cameras etc. Snowden felt that was uncomfortable someone spying on people. He managed to copy information from NSA and leaked it to top journalists to publish that information in a right way.


#2. Algorithm 2014

This movie is about a guy who is a freelancer. He is a specialist in hacking into the security systems. He has a rule that information should be free and everything can be simplified and coded and understood as information. That guy just hacks into telephone company, bank account, and everything. One day he hacks into government and downloads the most recently developed algorithm. This leads to life taking thing for him.

Director:- Jon Schiefer

Initial release date:- 14th July 2014

Watch the full movie here.

#3. Live free or die hard 2007

A hacker will implement fire sale on the whole US infrastructure to show the government about its vulnerability which he tried to explain it before. This hacker will kill all the hackers who can stop him and try to transfer all the US money to his bank account. Unknowingly a cop goes to find a young computer hacker who can stop the fire sale. Both the cop and the young hacker saves few trillion dollars of US country and the daughter of a cop.

Movie trailer

#4. MR. Robot | TV series 2015

This is a very interesting tv series based on hacking. A person named Elliot who is a drug (morphine) addict and a hacker. He has a day job in a company which provides cybersecurity and at night he turns vigilante. Elliot joins hand with a group of hackers named F society who are trying to shut Evil corp(a company) down. He will find his dad and sister who were lost at his childhood. This is not a hacking movie but it is a hacking series.
Till date, there are 2 seasons of this series. In this they perform different attacks like a DDOS attack to bring the evil corp down.

  • Creator:- Sam Esmail
  • Initial release:- 2015

Series Season 1

Series season 2

#5. Fifth estate 2013

The fifth estate is all about the Julian Assange and his wiki leaks, sorry our wiki leaks. He believes that if a man is given a mask he will tell all the truth. This movie on the hacking movies list is the best among of them all. Here they will show you how the wiki leaks are formed and how it is growing with their anonymous employees. This shows how a big bank worth billions is brought down. Fifth Estate is one of the best hacking movies you should look at.

  • Director: Bill Condon
  • initial release:- 25th October 2013

#6. The social network 2010

The social network is a movie which shows you how facebook was started. This doesn’t show you much about hacking but gives a good information about few technical terms. You can come to a conclusion of mark zuckerberg facebook idea and FB shares of his and his friends. Mark gives away few million dollars to his university seniors for filing a case against him regarding the copy of facebook idea.{Idea can me imagined by every one but only few make it real}.

  • Director:- David Fincher
  • initial release:- 12th November 2010

#7 War games 1983

An amateur student who is good at computers makes few simple hacking tricks and changes his school grades. This kind of activities are cool until they create world war III. This kid will hack the military super computer with an intention to find few games. Unknowingly he will start a global thermonuclear war thinking at it is a game. This a super cool movie which came in late 1980’s.

  • Director: John Badham
  • initial release: 1983

#8. Hackers 1995

  • This is a story of another amateur who has been arrested by US secret service for programming and planting a wonderful virus. Until he turns 18 years old he is not allowed to use a computer.
  • Director :- Iain softley
  • initial release:- 15th September 1995

#9. firewall 2006

A group of people will force a cybersecurity guard to rob the same bank he is protecting.

Director:- Richard Loncraine

initial release:- 10th February 2006

Movie trailer


#10. The Italian Job 2003

  • Director:- F.gary gray
  • initial release:- 30th may 2003

These are the top 10 and the best hacking movies which are very useful for hacking enthusiasts.

Top 10 Best Hacking Movies List