5 best android apps which makes you power android user


These 5 Apps will make you POWER ANDROID USER .

  1. Network scanner : 

Have you heard the term “WiFi hacking” . yes, so this is the initial step of any hacker , to know about the network and users on the network . This app will answer of questions Screen Shot 1938-02-31 at 5.52.41 pm

  1. How many members are using my WiFi and who are they ?
  2. Which phones and laptops are being used on the network ?
  3. What is MAC address and local address of the? and many more answers !

to the answer of the questions mentioned above, download the app and magnify 😯 your users .

Download Network scanner


2. Airdroid

A very useful multipurpose app with advanced features . This app is helpful for all the time as its use friendly. It is more valuable because it works anywhere without a net connection and on any smartphones/laptop/MacBook platform .


Screen Shot 1938-02-31 at 6.14.15 pmFeatures :

  1. Data sharing without cable or card reader
  2. Manage Backup
  3. Manage Hotspot
  4. Antivirus
  5. Stream cameras and much more

It has the capability to share data to LAPTOP / SMARTPHONE without and hardware connection. Eg : USB cable , Card reader . yes, you can transfer your data without cable or card reader and also you don’t need any data connection to use the app .

Download Air droid

3. parallel space :

I’m sure you must have heard that people are using dual WhatsApp on their smartphone . You might be roaming for “How to use dual WhatsApp on my phone ?” .  Screen Shot 1938-02-31 at 6.09.55 pmYour friend might not be using Dual WhatsApp illegally but by the help of parallel space, you will be not only able to use just dual WhatsApp but many other apps in dual mode . This solution is legal and improvised by play store so feel free to download and use .

Features: Allow almost any app to be used do

DOWNLOAD Parallel Space

4. AZ screen recorder :   

There many screen recorders available on play store .but I always recommend the “AZ scree recorder” as it has light weight app management and floating buttons .Screen Shot 1938-02-31 at 6.19.11 pm

Features :

Record screen on android

Light weight app and work without root . “what is “root” or rooted smartphones ?”

Gives a small float window to use the app .

Download AZ Screen Recorder


5. Fabulous – Motivate Me : 


This app is really helpful for self-improvement. This helps to organize your work for the whole day. in other words, Fabulous works as a personal assistant for you. A must downloading app in you wants self-improvement in yourself.android apps to have in smartphone

DOWNLOAD Fabulous – Motivate Me

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