Show battery percentage on iPhone

Battery percentage on iPhone, iPad, iPod:-

This is a simple trick to keep a watch on your battery usage. If you don’t have a numerical representation of your battery you feel like your battery charge and discharge in this way.

Everyone wants a count on what they gain or lose. Now we want a count of our battery charge.

Why you want a count on your battery charge?

You want to know more how much of time can you chat with your girlfriend with the battery charge left.

You might be away from charge point and want to know how long can your battery stand.

how to show battery percentage on iPhone?

Now let’s get into this simple step.

  1. For all iOS 9 or later versions.
  • go to Settings > Battery and tap to turn on Battery Percentage.

2. In iOS 8 and earlier.

  • go to Settings > Usage, then tap to turn on Battery Percentage.
iPhone 6s, iOS 10

Now you got your battery level on the top right corner of the screen.

how to show battery percentage on iPod?

Now I have an unpleasant news for you. There is no option for iPod touch users to display the battery percentage on the screen.

You have to jail break your iPod to get such features.

After you jail break your iDevice you need to install apps from the app store to get that feature.

Now if you want that feature go jail break your iPod or let it be as it is.

iPod touch

Battery percentage option isn’t available on iPod touch.

For iPod Users: –

Don’t worry I got an alternative option for you. If you can’t see the percentage you can hear it on the iPod.

Confused? I will show you how to let your iPod to tell you the battery level.

This will only work on 3rd-gen or newer iPod touches and iPhone 3GS or newer.

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and select “Toggle VoiceOver”.

go to your home screen and triple click the home button. Now VoiceOver will activate. Then tap the battery icon. VoiceOver will say the battery level to you.

To turn VoiceOver off, triple click the home button again.

how to show battery percentage on iPad?

The iPad and iPhone have the same procedure to show the battery level.

Settings > Battery and tap Battery Percentage.


Settings > Usage, tap on Battery Percentage.

These steps are the same as for iPhone.

Conclusion: –

You have this feature only for iPhone and iPad. The iPod lack this feature, even though if you want this feature then you have to jail break your iPod. That would be the best option.


  1. Guys,
    To show the battery percentage on an iPod 6th generation is way easier than what is described above. All you need do is swipe left on your home screen to reveal the widget app area. Click on “edit” and scroll down until you see the “Batteries” listing. Click on the “+” to add this widget to your others, then click “done” in upper right corner of your screen. When you get back to the screen showing all your widgets, you will see your iPod Touch listed along with the battery percentage remaining. See, easy!

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