7 strong reason that syndicates Automation in the next big thing

Automation Artificial Intelligence

Automation, Artificial intelligence, Bots are the next big things industry is developing right now.

Before getting into the basic concept , Let us know Mobile Automation, Mobile automation, as the name suggests, refers to automation that is done on mobile devices.

Robotium framework is an android test automation framework. Were this is basically a testing process and over here we get to see what actual Mobile application testing is and this process may let you know how does it work and its overview.

It’s is a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency. Mobile application testing can be automated or manual type of testing. … Additionally, wearable application testing is an interesting market.

1.The Future belongs to Open Source Tools:

As we said the future will be fully digitized and there will be a lot of technologies which will be Open sourced. Open Sourcing the softwares will help adopting new technologies and will help in proper implementation of Agile, DevOps, and Test Automation.

2. Quality @ High speed is the new mantra:

As the world is getting digitalised every thing is getting at high speed where as if you want
to see . Everyone wants the best products in the fastest possible time. This is making
organizations focus on providing the best user experience along with the fastest time to
market. The speed is only going to increase (and the quality better) with the latest technologies and tools at the disposal of teams.

3 . Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) will be in huge demand:

Were as getting to this updating the present version to upgrade it and this SDETs have been existing among us since almost a decade, but their role was very different from traditional testing roles. That said, by early 2020, almost all testers will need to wear an SDET hat to be successful in the field of Test Automation, that is going to become mainstream. SDET, Software Development Engineer in Test, is a term believed to be originated from Microsoft. Contrary to the common notion, the SDET is a tester and also a developer. More often the role is assumed as a manual tester, and some times considered as a Quality Assurance.

4 . BigData Testing will become really BIG:

As we see the DBMS is a earlier version of this BigData and main purpose was to store file
and to handle those in server were the data is stored in huge amount . We are sitting a top
an explosive amount of BigData today and need to have a very strong strategy around
BigData Testing. Testing datasets requires highly analytical tools, techniques, and
frameworks, and is an area that is set to grow big.

5 . IOT | Internet of Things

Now a days IoT is a thing which can seen every where as like shopping malls , These IoT
even use this Raspberry pi chips which uses internet and Bluetooth . Heralding an era of
Connected Devices: With IoT growing in leaps and bounds, more and more customers rely
on IoT Testing before using the products. If the products are not tested, their
functionality, security, and effectiveness all will come under scanner. According to a HP
study, 70 percent of devices in the Internet of Things are vulnerable to security problems

6.Hardware Testing will be in its own Pace

IoT also known for internet of things has ability to perform the tasks without humans. However there are many good benefits of IOS but it can take unemployment to very next level.

Implementing AI and bots in various industry will becomes quite easy as it’s a one time job. Testing jobs will be reduced as a mix of automation and AI bots will be able to the job more efficiently. Tesla founder Elon Musk has given a big though which seems more to be a warning to humanity about it’s implementation.

7 . The greatest part is that Software Testing Budgets continue to grow

As you can see a huge hike in these many years Obviously, the huge focus and
demand for high product excellence and with key IT trends, testing has become
more important than just a need. This is pushing the businesses towards allocating
a bigger IT budget (around 40-50%) for software testing and QA.

What are your thoughts on this unemployment sue to AI and robots, share your thoughts in the comment section below.