Here is another shot of Narendra Modi against Black Money


The black money has been the backbone of White masked. They have many options to exchange money. Will this wish not be fulfilled anymore?

The bank employees have come up with another idea which will help India to reduce the amount of black money.


What were the technique, to convert black money to White?

  • modi's another shot Standing in the same queue to exchange more money
  • Sending relatives to exchange money
  • Going with a group of people to exchange money

Now, the problem was, Bank was able to count the number of times a person is taking money. In this process, even the black money can be converted into the white money.

The CENTRAL  has come up with a new idea to mark the finger of note exchanger. A person who will receive 4,500 rupees, His finger will be marked with a non-removable color.

This will become a unique identification to define money transactors. By this method a person wil not be able to define/withdraw money more than one time.


There were many cases which has come, in the New note Era

A Patel family from Gota had over Rs 10 lakh in hand, for a forthcoming wedding, for the purchase of gold, dresses and to pay for the caterers, venue and other expenses. As these service providers refused to the now-invalid notes, the family became desperate and fell for a trap laid by fraudsters. 

src: Toi

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