Top 10 Android Gadgets you must have

Android Gadgets

Were as over here we are displaying top 10 android gadgets you must have and by all these accessories life style of the person change a lot

1: Tile

it is kind of gadgets were it is interconnected to your phone were you can hang on this tile
gadget on to any of things which you feel that often you make a point to miss it or else miss place it this tile gadget would be useful this aspects ,were if you are connecting it to your car keys , and on a fine morning you are not able to find it out you can take the phone out and check on for the keys it is ranging over 3950 Rs in amazon

2: Bluetooth speakers

Now days a Bluetooth speaker is perhaps the next most important accessory for your
smartphone. were this a portable device were you can carry this were ever you go, and
before buying a Bluetooth check on to it

  •  connectivity
  •  sound quality
  •  water proof
  •  design
  •  battery life

And the cost range of this start from 190 to 3199 Rs in amazon

3: wireless charger

This wireless charger has become more common these days were it more useful were
we can charge the phone anywhere we want ,Not only do these things satisfy a
demand for fewer cables and wires they do also look spectacular and the cost range of
this start from 380 to 1200 Rs in amazon

4 : Power banks

These power banks are one among the most useful gadgets ,because now days their few
application which consumes power a lot ,and when it comes to usage of phone at
outdoor the battery life of phone may not turn on for a longer period of time, so getting
out through this problem we use power bank were as by this gadget we can charge the
phone were ever we want, and this power bank ranges from 400 to 1200 rs in amazon

5: Bluetooth headsets

these Bluetooth headsets are another category that seems to have an endless supply
of competing products, were as this product is a advance to the other headsets , the
addition feature to it is a Bluetooth and a wireless facility were added to it and the
range of this product ranges from 399 to 2599 Rs in amazon

6 : Smart watch

A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that goes beyond
timekeeping. ,this smart watch is almost a phone in your wrist for you answer calls,
take picture ,send picture you can almost do all the functionality what a smart
phone does.

7: Olloclip 4-In- 1 Lens for Samsung Galaxy S5

were as getting to this we can take picture using this lens olloclip 4-In- 1 Lens in
much more effective way ,Originally designed for the iPhone, olloclip recently
became available for select phones in the Samsung Galaxy S family. Four versatile
lens options are included in this kit: Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro ,and a 15x
Macro lens.

8: iClever IC-F40 In-Car Universal Wireless FM Transmitter

with USB Car Charger This particular gadget may be different when it is seen with other gadgets, This car accessory works with both iPhones and Android phones. This car charger also lets you listen to music on your device. There’s a handy auto-scan function that lets you find an “empty” radio station to use very quickly.

9: Bluetooth foldable keyboard

Now days the phones are equal to computer they do all the functionality of a computer.
Smartphones have gotten so powerful that for many people they serve as a primary
computer. Touch-based keyboards are getting better, but some people still prefer the
tactile familiarity of a physical keyboard.

10 : Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Over this wristband is not the normal and usual Wristband what it was ,This particular model offers continuous heart rate tracking. In addition, the band tracks calories burned, floors climbed, Distance travelled, total active minutes, and steps. There is also a silent alarm feature, which is nice if you need to wake up earlier than your partner. Unlike some older Fitbits, this one provides call notifications and time right on the band.

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