6 Essential Things To See While Purchasing A New Laptop

4 tips to purchase a perfect laptop

There is nothing like a perfect laptop, the perfection is dependent on the type of user and the reason he is buying a new laptop. Laptop has various specifications and now there are many different models available and the buyer can select one according to their needs.

There are many big brands with many different modules and fancy features but these are the basic things you need to look for in a laptop before buying.

Note: Blushing names can peak the price of laptop, think before you buy!

#1 Screen-

5 Things To See While Purchasing A LaptopScreen is the major part of a laptop and you should always buy one with a perfect screen. Better screen here means three things, resolution, panel type, and size. It should have an IPS Screen if you are spending too much on a laptop. Select a laptop with higher resolution and choose the screen according to tour convenience. To have a portable device go for a small screen laptop but if you love to watch movies or a gamer then you should probably buy a bigger screen.

#2 Weight-

heavy laptop, 5 things to consider while purchasing a new laptopIF you want a laptop for work purpose than it should be light in weight so that it can be carried around easily. If you are going use it at home then the weight doesn’t matter but if you are going to travel with it then buy a lightweight one unless you want to become John Cena while carrying your laptop.


#3 RAM-

Laptop is all about its working efficiency, therefore, always go for a laptop with better RAM. But before asking what is efficient RAM. Let me tell you ut varies from purpose.

If you want to use your laptop as a gamer, then you should go with 8 GB RAM laptops with 2 GB graphics card.

But if you are a normal student who learns to the programme and sometimes watched movies then 2GB OR 4GB RAM will be sufficient enough without a Graphics Card:

A 4GB RAM id good but an 8GB RAM is even better and more recommend to have a better experience. Always go for a higher RAM, if you can afford to buy a 16GB RAM laptop.


#4 Storage-

Hard drive is the thing of the past; they are slow, bulky and produce lot of heat and noise. A solid-state drive (SSD) has more speed than a hard drive and runs silently and doesn’t add too much weight.

5 things to know before yuo purchase your laptopBut the problem with SSD is that they don’t offer much capacity. They are either 128GB or 256GB and the later ones are quite expensive. You will love the speed with which you can access your data and how quickly you can boost your system.

The newest laptop are equipped with NVMe solid-state device and hence are much faster but of course, quite expensive.

#5 Battery

Battery is not dependant on the specification specified by the manufacturer it is more dependent on the variable that affects the battery life. Screen, brightness, resolution and the tasks that you run all are the deciding factors for the battery life. Look for the rating of the battery in Watt-hours or milliamp-hours. The greater the figure the longer will be the battery life of your laptop.

5 things to know before you purchase alaptopManufacturer-quoted battery life is often not indicative of what a laptop can do, and this is based on the many variables that affect battery life. These are the screen brightness, the screen resolution, and the tasks that you run.

If you run programs that need lots of processing, or if you stream lots of online videos, or if you transfer lots of files over your wireless network, then your battery will drain a lot sooner than what the vendor has quoted. Look at the rating of the battery in Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh). The larger these figures are, the longer the battery can last. For a 13.3in Ultrabook, for example, a battery with a rating from 44Wh to 50Wh will give you the best results.

#6 Keyboard Backlight

Keyboard backlight is an essential feature for the students or the people who love to work at night. I had my personal experience with my desktop, I was finding too difficult to type(wasn’t knowing typing) hence i purchases a laptop which has keyboard backlight feature. The module i purchased was MacBook Pro, however, this product has become a little rare but the MacBook Air is is better to go with.

Bonus Tip: Standard Laptop Vs Business Laptop

Consider buying a simple laptp over a business laptop. Business laptops comes with extra ports which is only used when they attend big confrence, fancy meetings but if you are a person who don’t have to attend many meeting, then it will be always recommended to purchase a standard laptop over a business aptop.


So the conclusion is whenever you purchase a laptop exclude everything you don’t need. It will reduce the all the extra expenses and youwill get your brand new laptop with all the features you need.

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