5 Things you are missing Not having a laptop

Is it necessary to have a laptop as a computer science student LEARN BY DOING

If you are a student then you know how important a laptop is. In everyday life, you might not need a laptop but if you are a student and doing engineering or any medical course you will know how important a laptop can be. Students get a lot of assignments during the semester which needs to be completed in a specific period of time.

Therefore, having the best laptop from best laptop brands in India will be reliable and handy. It also saves you a lot of trouble of sitting for hours in the computer lab and asking your friends to lend you theirs. These are the top 5 things you will be missing out if you don’t have a personal laptop.

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A laptop can be expensive for a student but it can also help you save a lot of books in a long run. You don’t have to spend money on different books to refer different topics. You can stick to one book and rest you can install on your laptop and make notes of the important point. You can also study with the help of the presentations.


The foremost thing you will enjoy as soon as you buy your own laptop is the flexibility while working. You can work according to your schedule and don’t have to work for hours straight in the computer lab. You can sit in your comfortable chair and work in between rather than one long stretch.


If you don’t have a laptop then you can be a little late while completing your assignments. Therefore you can be on the bad books of the teacher. Therefore, if you want to complete the assignments on time then you should have your own device so that you don’t miss any deadlines.


You will learn in a better way if you own a personal laptop. You can learn all the new research-based articles and use them in your seminars or programs. You can Google any academic doubt you are having and hence don’t have to wait to go to your teacher.


After all the work you also need some recreational time. What can be a better option than a laptop, you can work in your working hours and you can watch movies or TV series when you are tired of working. They are the best source of entertainment while you are living in a pg or a hostel. You don’t have access to the LED TV’s but you can enjoy the internet on your small screen.

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