[6 ways] How Laptop can enhance your practical knowledge

6 TIPS to enhance your productivity using your laptop

The laptop is one device that is becoming a necessity in everyone’s life. Bess student, worker, housewife, teacher, businessmen etc. The laptop is one device people cannot survive one day. The laptop gives you access to a wide variety of applications that are absolutely necessary for this modern world.

Here are the 6 ways how a laptop can be used to enhance your practical knowledge.

6 ways to use your laptop effectively

#1 Learn FREE Courses

There are hundreds of good quality courses almost from every sector. Spend time in learning and implementing them in real time. If requires a small amount of time and patience to learn it but it does worth.

free courses on udemy

Learning is easy as you watch and practice on paper. But if you want to learn something specific on computer, then you must have a laptop that suits it. For example, if you want to learn UI UX designing, then you must have a laptop that have high end graphics processing support. Here is a web page that list the best laptops for every category.

#2 GOOGLE Scholar

How to learn googleIt may sound funny or you may say who doesn’t know googling! But, googling a pro way can give you more valuable information and exact data. Use Google Scholar to find the relevant data for your study. Google will not disturb you by showing advertisements.

whenever there is something that is not known to you; you can just open your Chrome and search the work or the phrase. Google is the highest used web application in the world. There is a not a single day we can go by without using the Google. We all have knowledge gaps and Google does a great job in filling these gaps. You can become a doctor, lawyer engineer and chef etc by just using Google.

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Once you have gone through the information doesn’t hesitate to try it in your life. You will learn in a better way only when you have done the practical part. This is a well-known fact that theory should be converted into practical knowledge. Therefore, if you just watched a video about a new recipe then you should try it on the same day. The laptop provides you with the knowledge through the web search but you need to make it a practical knowledge so that you can retain the thing you learned till you die.

You can use a website like w3schools, it will help you in understanding the code with easy examples. Infact you should know the methods to Learn Programming for FREE!


courseraWatch videos rather than reading the plain text as they give you a better description and you will retain the information for a longer duration of time. They help in providing you with the knowledge in a familiar manner so that when you are practising the same thing you can access that you are on the right track. A laptop is the best device to watch videos comfortable in your bed. Udemy and coursera can be another good example for learning new courses or hobbies.


There are new things happening around in the world every day and thus you should stay connected to update your knowledge bank. You should subscribe to the best channels on YouTube so that you don’t miss a new video. Bookmark all the best websites that you find fascinating and thus you will never miss new updates.


Don’t just watch a video or read a text, try to save it for later. your mind will forget them after some time so Bookmark them, save them in a notebook. You can forget the new information in a period of time.

Hence, you should store them so that you can refresh your memories. The laptop is way too helpful with their massive memory so that you can store loads of data.

Hope you liked this article and made sense by telling you how can you use your laptop for effective learning!

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#7 Play Games

Gaming is fun. From tic tac toe to the the counter strike, You have thousands of options to entertain yourself. But before you go and purchase a laptop, make sure to buy the right laptop. Small retro games can run on almost any kind of laptop but if you want to play high end games or even better, VR games, you must have a laptop that supports that graphic processing.

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