5 gadgets Android users should have

5 gadgets Android users should have

Hellooou… Android users, This post is especially for android users, so if you are iPhone users please jump from this place right now. :v ūüėõ

It has been two years when I got my android device. For a small introduction, I am not just an android user but a power android user!

What does that “Power Android User” mean?

Well, It’s simple when a user uses the phone not just to listen to music and capture photos but also to customize the screen and do extra things with the device.

Well in this article, I am mentioning 5 things which an android user should have.Most of them are available for free.


1. Customized Screen

Download: Go Launcher

Do you use the same boring home layout given android? I don’t and hope you too don’t use them. If you do, I will recommend you to download any highly customized launcher and change your screen. You will no more be differently than billions of user if you use the same o home screen. Twist it, change it, color it, design it, Because you its al done for free!! You can use any of these android¬†apps to customize the look of your smartphone. Hola

2. Sound Experience

Android OS is great but when it comes to the sound system, it doesn’t suck. But it’s not the best quality sound as well. To take on this you should have a sound system handy.

The problem is solved by the tiny and handy rechargeable sound box. The sound quality is so awesome that you will never ignore them to carry. Once you get them, you will never take the off to your bag. I have been using this speaker for a year and i am still a big fan of it’s sound quality.

3. Power Bank

Have you ever missed and important call just because your phone has no battery. Yes, it happens me at least twice in a week. I was pretty irritated, but then I bought this power bank and the same phone became wow and just started supporting me like my own GF.

It also games me freedom to play games on my phone(–)/_/¬†without worrying about the battery backup. So if you are a lover of games and HQ apps then i will recommend you to get this Power Bank.


4. Android Swag

I am pretty sure you must be having a friend who maintains an iPhone and shows off. But you know¬†what in most of the cases android wins. Android is super strong and the android community and it’s free apps¬†will never make you feel alone.

Android users have access to almost all the games + extra 40% games which are not available on app store.  When you know that android is better then why to feel dominated by iPhone users. why not carry a swag of android and show your love to all the iPhone users who keeps showing their iPhone just because they haves an iPhone.

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5. Smart Band

I know android has become an important part of your life. Yaa, Just like another Girlfriend :P. But you know what this tech girlfriend can help you in improving your life. yes i am not kidding. You can use the smart Band which will help you in understanding your body pattern.

You can see that how much time you are sleeping consciously¬†and how mush time you should sleep to be healthy. Not only this much but it also tells you that, How many hours you have spent on your smartphone. Won’t this be a crazy info to know about yourself and control your habits to make yourself better!

I think yes, So this is the end of this article and if you like this article you can join our Facebook Group.

Free Apps and Gadget Links Mentioned Above

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  1. Download: Go Launcher

2. Philips speaker

3. Lenovo power bank

4. Mi smart Band

5. Secret facebook Group: button_join_facebook



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