5 Tips for Students to use a Laptop like a pro

5 ways to use a laptop like a pro student

The laptop is one device which can help a student and it can also distract a student in many ways. The laptop gives you access to the world of the internet in a more comfortable way then your phone.

Therefore with a laptop, you can access all those things which can help you learn daily or complete your homework or assignments. Here are the Top 5 ways you can use your laptop in a more effective manner rather than just using it for binge-watching movies and series.


When you buy the laptop make sure to install all the necessary software at once rather than wasting your time trying to find them when needed. Make sure you have the original Windows or the Driver Software. After these make sure you have an antivirus installed so that you can protect your data.  Adobe reader is used to reading the pdf files and should be on your laptop in case you need to read any document or a book. Microsoft Office is another application that is most used by students to make the presentations or the seminars etc. All these apps come in handy when you are a student.

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Do not install the software’s or the applications which distract you. Like the games or the collection of movies and TV series. If you keep stuff like these then you will be tempted to use them, therefore, the best remedy is to stay far from these distractions.

You can use chrome extensions like focus and rescue time. These apps will block the sites you waste your time and at the end they will give you the data. Remember, rescue time stored all the website you visit, even in incognito mode.


There can be a lot of confusion while you are studying new topics and therefore, you should open Google Chrome to search for the doubt you are having. Do not search unnecessary things on the Chrome and waste your time.

You should be a little specific before opening your smartphone or your laptop. The problem with our generation is once the catch the gadget for 5 minutes, that 5 minutes may become 5hours.


If all your notes are on the laptop, then make sure to makes notes on your own. It has two advantages. First, you will learn better when you are writing and learning at the same time. This study has been proven to make you retain for a longer duration. Second, you can limit your time on the laptop and thus can save your time in the meanwhile.

You might be wondering why to make notes if everything is the on the internet, but no. We should follow the conventional way to learn things, not because old people say that because when you try to write something you learn a lot.

Limit your time

Now all the notes are available on the laptop but still try to read the books. The laptop can be harmful to the eyes if used throughout the day. Therefore, you need to limit your time on the laptop and hence, should also read books. Around 1-2 hours is sufficient every day.

Write before you hold

This test was tried by me personally. I started writing why I am opening laptop and keet the paper in front of me. This made me remember my focus to open the laptop and it drastically increased my productivity.

Hope you liked this article and made sense by telling you how can you use your laptop for effective learning!

Maintain Good Wifi Speed

When I say wifi speed, I mean the internet speed should be good enough to find the information you need the least time possible. I have seen people spending hours and hours to find some simple information.

Know google shortcuts

Knowing google shortcuts will help you in finding the correct information. The best way to learn these shortcuts is to use them.

Few of them are,

  1. Looking for PDF File: “Topic Name”+.pdf
  2. Looking for data from specific site: site: facebook.com +”person name”

This makes the whole process easy and you can save time by using them.

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