5 Best Tips to Save Battery in Your Smartphone

8 tips to save your smartphone battery

Does your iPhone battery backup suck? Do you see your iPhone has 4% while coming back after long working hours?


Ever thought, Why old $$ phones had longer battery life than the new $$$ smartphones?

When you open your phone in evening hours to play a game and you see that the battery is 4%.  Do You feel, sad because you cannot play your favorite game just because of your iPhone doesn’t give a very good battery backup?

It’s common to hear from people who have less knowledge about iPhone or people who are not smart enough to thesavee battery in their smartphone.


#1 Stop automatic updates for apps

Automatic update is a feature which updates the installed application with the latest version of the software. Not only saves your battery but also the other resources of an iPhone.  you can do it by following the steps below

  1. Tap the Settings app
  2. iTunes & App Store
  3. In the Automatic Downloads section, find Updates


#2 Turn on Auto-Brightness

Brightness automatically changes the intensity of the screen by grabbing the external light present in the atmosphere. Turning on auto brightness  not only but also their food to switching back the brightness as well.  you can do it by going.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Display & Brightness (changed to Brightness & Wallpaper in iOS 7)
  3. Tap on Auto-Brightness slider to On/green


#3 Disable Automatic Upload Photos to iCloud

This is the phone to upload all the pics taken recently by the camera. Turn off the automatic upload photos to cloud feature in your iPhone.

  1. The Settings app
  2. Photos & Camera
  3. My Photo Stream
  4. Tap on The Slider off/white


#4 Use Low-Power Mode (iOS 9)

This feature was introduced in iOS 9,   your phone Music iOS 9 then you will go to the settings and change the low power mode on.

You can do it by going

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Battery
  3. Move the Low Power Mode slider to on/green

#5 Avoid Using Power Banks

Power Bank Charging goes for short time, but if you should use when you really need it. Well, This might Sound Odd but this is what the truth is. Whenever you’re charging your iPhone with external DC source(Power Bank), you will see lag in the battery backup of your iPhone. The problem with the DC (direct current) is that the resistance of the electrons which are store have less resistance, which results in making your battery backup poor.

#6 Fetch Email Less Often

Very common sense to remember that the little phone connect to any network and uses it the more energy resources it consumes.

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  3. Fetch
  4. Change the preference to less.


#7 Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

The intensity of the light and changes in wallpaper on an iPhone Screen also plays a vital role in a battery life. if you’re using any dynamic background which has animation and keeps changing in a period, then go to the preferences and change it. The more animations your iPhone uses The more GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) is used, the more battery is consumed.

#8 Turn Off Other Location Settings


You can save 17% of the battery and around 4% of data just by turning off the location and services. The problem with that location services is that periodically they synchronizes to the iCloud Server. It keeps tracking, and sends the information.

But if you are at a place where iPhones get stolen in no time then it is highly recommended to turn ON the location settings. This will allow you to find the exact location on the device.

#9 Turn off Wifi

Free Wifi, No Lee me switch On!!! :D! No, Switch off your wifi when you are not using. This is one of the mazor reason why smartphones consume more battery. The wireless sensors consume resources because even if your don’t use but they are on.

Obviously, In the rare case you can use the battery backups but don’t addict your iPhone for all the time, it results in poor battery life.

Tip: Highly recommended to charge your iPhone with the original power adaptor. If you have no time then, you can keep your phone is charging at night.

smartphones have the ability to control overcharging, but “technically illiterate people still say that overcharging is a problem and harmful” but it’s not with any standard and branded smartphones.

Yeyyhh, Now I know and now I will do it, I will change by settings, I will also change my brightness.


if you like this article please share. if you have any other tip which you use to save battery on your iPhone you can comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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