5 Basic Gadgets for home

5 gadgets for home

If you are a geek or an internet enthusiast, you should have enough resources to make things easy and learn. The situation should not be like spending time in collecting resources.

We are not going to tell you about the smartphones or laptops as they are primary requirements nowadays. The things which we are gonna tell today are like a small speaker, projector and few other interesting gadgets which make our home more livable.

Without wasting much time, let’s go ahead and have a glance on the list of basic gadgets for the home.

Remember: If I forget something, don’t forget to comment your favorite¬†gadget in the comment section below we’d love to consider.

List Of Tech Gadgets For Your Home

#1 Speaker or Home theater:-

A small speaker costs around 1500 rupees and no one hates music. I agree that everyone will have their own music taste but no one dislikes listening music. So, we have kept it in the first spot.

A small speaker can help you in getting refreshed when you are feeling bored or unhappy. Researchers told that listening to our favorite music helps in stress relief and improves our body health. We recommend buying a Bluetooth speaker or sound system which will be easier to connect and match steps with music.

#2 Projector:-

It might sound weird for you but calm down and imagine watching an HD quality movie in your home projecting it on a wall. You can watch it with your family or friends and this makes you feel like you are in a movie theatre.

You can buy a small and portable projector to watch movies in your home and you can project it directly on your white wall.

What are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and enjoy the movie.

#3 DSLR Or camcorder:-

People are madly in love with photos, WhatsApp display pictures, and cover photos. Also, photographers are much expensive nowadays and demanding higher amounts. So, why to call a photographer for every small function and waste money. If it’s a marriage or annual functions then we can’t ignore a photographer but we don’t think it’s mandatory for every birthday function.

Get one DSLR of an average price with more features and start capturing all fun moments in your home. You don’t need to be a great photographer all you just need to know is how to use a DSLR and that’s all.

So, what you are waiting for? Start capturing memories and upload them in your family WhatsApp group.

#4 Printer

It’s good to print everything we like instead of putting it on the hard drive. So, a color printer will help you to get all your memories to your walls. There are many portable printers available online and they are not too expensive too. You can also use them to take the Xerox or print outs of any materials.

the printer is very much useful to have fun too and you can make pranks on your friends by taking their childish ugly pics and paste it on notice boards with a text “Guess who ?”. Sounds funny right and we have also added few more cmd prompt pranks in our post where we explained about all the command prompt hacks which you never tried.

More than all, you don’t need to rush to your nearest Xerox shop for every copy. You can take it from your own printer and read through it easily. It’s recommended to buy color printers which will help you to print your photographs.

#5 Portable Selfie Stick (Or) Tripods:-

You must have started laughing by this time but, as per recent study 1 out of every 20 people have got some kind of selfie stick in their homes to capture some great moments. I don’t recommend you to buy road side selfie sticks, but buy a one which can hold your camera too with ease.

A great tripod can get you great pictures with ease and some tripods can get attached to any curve with their hands. You can shoot your own shots if you have a tripod in your home


All the above-mentioned gadgets are listed here based on our experience and knowledge. We are not trying to make you buy something and if you have any ideas then do drop your comment below. Have a great day and cheers.

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