3 ways to delete your iPhone contact

Did you know that there are three different ways to delete the contact from your iPhone? Smartphones have wiped away little phonebooks, calculators, camera, compass and Alarm devices. Now all these physical items are available on your smartphone or iDevice.

Now let’s look into the phone book.  The first physical phone book was published in 1878. A yellow page is a book which contains a list of contacts same as your iPhone phone app.

Studies have found that more than 63 percent of consumers will contact a business after looking it up in the Yellow Pages, and of that percentage, 38 percent will end up making a purchase.

Now if you want to delete a contact from your physical phone book then simply tear the page. But if you want to delete the contact from the iDevice then continue reading.

 Why do you want to delete the contact?

You are willing to delete that person’s contact for the following reasons.

  • you don’t like that person anymore.
  • he made a quarrel between you two.
  • The other person is a girl/boy and you are no longer in a relationship with that girl/boy.
  • Looks like a breakup.


How to delete contact on iPhone:-

I have prepared an Infographic below to make it easier for you to read.

The Step-by-step process is given below with screenshots for more understanding.

Do you know why iPhone battery uses LI-Ions.

# 1 Delete From contacts App

This is very handy option and easy to do. You need to use the contact app on your iPhone.

  • Open Dialer and tap on contacts.
  • Now search for the contact you want to delete.
  • Open the contact.
  • Tap on edit option( It is at top right corner).
  • Scroll down completely.
  • You will find “delete contact” option, Tap on it.
  • A popup will appear, tap on delete contact.

Follow only this way to delete the contact, other ways are not always useful and easy.

# 2 Delete iCloud contacts: –

There are few iCloud contacts synced on your device. Now let’s try to remove these synced contacts on your device.

  • Open the little gear icon which is in ash color ( settings ).
  • Tap on your iCloud id. Here you pic appears if you have uploaded one.
  • Now open iCloud option.

    Here all your iCloud details are shown.  Details like apps synced, storage(used and free) are shown.
  • Under “Apps using iCloud” contacts app is present, Tap on the option from green to white.
  • Now a pop-up appears asking you that” What would you like to do with the previously synced iCloud contacts on your iPhone?
  • Tap on “Delete from my iPhone”.

Now all your iCloud contacts are deleted from your iPhone.

# 3 Remove Your Email Contacts: –

There are other email accounts like iCloud. The mostly sed emails are Gmail and Yahoo. Now you need to remove all these email contacts if you want to.

You can store your contacts in different places like iPhone, iCloud or other accounts like Gmail or Yahoo. As you can use your iPhone for storing friend numbers, iCloud for office contacts and other accounts for your girlfriends’ numbers(The list might be big ;-)).

  • Open settings => Contacts => Accounts.

Here the list of accounts on your iPhone will appear. Now select the account whichever you want to disable. Now slide the Contacts to off it.

This will remove any contacts associated with your account. This will not work on ios 10 version. If you have ios 10 then you cannot do this trick.

Find the total number of Contacts on your iPhone: –

There are lot many contacts on your device. Every day you meet a new person and exchange your contacts. Connecting with the outsiders improves your knowledge and social awareness. All the time you won’t count on the number of contacts you save, But your device does.

Every time you save a contact on your device, your iPhone starts to count and it will provide the total number of contacts present on your device.

To find the total number open your contacts list and scroll down to till your last contact appears. There you will find the number of contacts present on your iPhone.

How to delete Duplicate contacts: –

As the time passes your device will be filled with lots many contacts as you explore the people around you. There is a chance of many duplicate contacts on the list due to saving the number twice or syncing different accounts to your iPhone.

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You will be doing good in your life if you have a good number of contacts . Many contacts mean many possibilities. But be aware of few contacts they are not always reliable ;-).

Instead of deleting the duplicate contacts, you can simply merge them. I mean make those multiple contacts into one.

Merge To get rid of Duplicate contacts: –

To merge these duplicate contacts follow these steps.

  • open phone app which is in green color.
  • Tap on contacts.
  • Open any one duplicate contact.
  • Tap on edit which is at top right corner.
  • Now tap on Link contacts. 
  • Select the contacts to link.

That’s it, now you have merged all your duplicate contacts and got rid of your contacts list.

Delete Duplicate contacts: –

If you want to completely delete it then follow the 1st ways in this post. It will help you to delete the duplicate contact.

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Conclusion : –

You can delete the contacts in a simple way using the 1st way. There is no default option to delete multiple contacts. Unlike Android OS, iPhone gives you reliability and security for your contacts and have a future, The content selected from the phone might not be recovered.

Happy deleting 🙂


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