3 ways to delete your iOS app on iPhone or iPad

Do you know that number of available apps in the Apple App Store since July 2008?

As of January 2017, 2.2 million mobile apps were available to download for various iOS devices. I know that you have the best iOS apps for iPhone and iPad.

But there are too many and now you want to delete apps on your iPhone or iPad. Installing too many apps on your device is not good.

What happens if you have too many apps on your iPhone or iPad?

Now you have an urgent work with some app which you are not regularly using. You have to open it. OMG, that is a big trouble. You have to hunt for the app even though it is right in front of your eyes.

Sliding page to page and searching for it. You will get it but after a long search time. It is better to delete unnecessary apps and free up your room.

How to delete iOS apps on iPhone or iPod?

Here I will show you 3 different ways to delete an app. The first method is easy and the rest two methods are a bit lengthy. Now let’s get started.

This video is a done on an earlier version of iPhone. If you didn’t get what you want then follow the steps in this post.

# 1 Touch and Delete the App

This is the easiest one and recommended to use this method and save time. Slide the pages till you find the app which you want to delete.

  1. Touch the app and hold until it wiggles.
  2. An “x” mark appears on the upper left corner of all the apps.
  3. Tap on that X mark.
  4. A pop-up appears, Tap on delete.

This X mark doesn’t appear in few apps. These apps are default apps like calculator, Maps, Notes, Facetime. The default apps cannot be deleted.

If your iPhone has 3D touch feature then it might be a bit annoying. When you touch the app to delete you might open share menu. So touch and hold the app correctly.

Note:- Doing this will delete all the data related to this app.

# 2 Use Settings option

The settings option is the gateway to make changes to your iPhone. Whenever you feel like to make a change in your iPhone or iPad you have to use the settings options. Now we will do the same to delete the app.

This method is for iOS 11 version.

  •  Tap Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Here a the list of apps installed on your device will appear. This will provide the information about how much storage each app actually uses. That will include the app and the files or data related to it.

You can remove the total app from here and free some storage.

–>> Tap on app name then tap Delete App.

This will remove the app from your iPhone or iPad.

Remove unused apps: –

At the iPhone storage option, you have another option called offload unused apps.  This option is present above the apps list. This will only remove the app but not the files or data related to it. You can reinstall the app whenever you want to and continue with the same data.

# 3 iTunes

If not your device then use iTunes. You can also change your iPhone or iPad name using iTunes. You can do this when you sync your iPhone or iPad with your PC or MAC.

This will not work with 12.7 version of iTunes. You need to have an earlier version of iTunes to do this. Apple has removed iOS App Store and iOS app management with this update.

  • Go to iTunes and choose your Apps library. Click an app to select it, then press the Delete key.
  • A dialogue will appear asking you to confirm the action. delete the app.

Conclusion: –

These are the 3 different ways to delete an app on your iPhone or iPad. You can simply delete the app from your homepage itself. The other 2 ways are a bit long but they have their advantages.

But if you want to get rid of your clumsy home page then you have to try these methods.