25 Things that only Indian college students experience


25 Things that only Indian college students experience.

College life is the best life as every one says and experiences. There are the 25 memories from college that you gonna never forget!


  1. Eating maggi at 3 AM (Not sure if they cook it or not).
  2. Studying whole course one night before exam.
  3. Not knowing the exam hall number even half hour before exam.
  4. Everybody searching for DATA with hard disks in hand (If you know what I mean 😛 ).
  5. They don’t have “Wardrobe”. A chair-drobe is all they need.
  6. Books??? What are these??? They only study with PPTs or Photocopies.
  7. Front seats are always available for you even if you are late to class.
  8. Following deadlines. Doesn’t matter if you have started working on one night before submission (Assignments or Projects).
  9. Day starts at 10 PM, ends at 7 AM after having breakfast.
  10. Buying expensive gadgets just to watch TV series, use Social networks and play Games.
  11. Maintaining only one notebook for all subjects (They buy thinnest notebook so that they can fold it and keep it in pocket).
  12. Using I-card as ruler in exam hall.
  13. Bags full of eatables getting vanished in fraction of seconds once you are back from home.
  14. Giving proxy of classmate.
  15. Asking for parties at small-small happiness.
  16. External hard drives are bought to store gigabytes of Movies,Games and TV series.
  17. Getting marks for writing stories in exam.
  18. They don’t bath for days even in summers (Deodorants are meant for them).
  19. Even if they are paying for mess,they barely eat there.
  20. On birthday, all friends of birthday boy get birthday bumps (Don’t forget the Roommate).
  21. Hanging I-card tag out of your pocket.
  22. Drawing graffitis on desks during lectures.
  23. Sleep for whole class but wakes up exactly at attendance time.
  24. Don’t make eye contact with faculty OR be ready to answer questions.
  25. In exam, either write correct short answers OR bullshit long ones.
  26. To Be Continued…………
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