Top 10 Best Technology from 2016

top 10 gadgets of 2016

Hey Heyy Heyy, Did you think fo what Technology have given in the year 2016, NO. Don’t worry I have a post for you to tell all the story. Well, we have listed the best technology gadgets and things which have bee popular in this year

1.snapchat spectacles

snapchat spectacles

snapchat has introduced spectacles with video recording facility after the failure of  Google glasses. These cool-looking camera spectacles. Instead of selling them online or in stores, Spectacles are cleverly sold through Snapbot vending machines.  

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2.HTC Vivo


High-end VR headsets like the consumer versions of the Oculus Rift and HTC I’ve got launched.  The Vibe’s hand controllers provide a more natural and intuitive way to “touch” in VR world compared to the Rift’s Xbox One controller (Oculus Touch only launched in December), and its room-scale tracking lets users move in real 3D space, furthering the immersion.

3.Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge


Samsung has introduced Galaxy s7 and s7 edge as an answer for the criticism of Galaxy s6/s6 Edge.The devices are Incredibly beautiful Android devices with blazing performance, long battery life (with wireless charging), class-leading cameras, and useful features like a memory card slot and water resistance.

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4.iphone 7/ 7 plus

Apple iphone 7 and 7 plus
Apple iPhone 7 and seven plus

The latest iPhone  7 and seven plus are the best of all the phones that are released yet.The removal of the headphone jack and new haptic Home button sent shockwaves around the globe. They’re  Apple’s best iPhones with the fastest phone performance on the planet, water resistance (finally!), longer battery life, better cameras (dual cameras for the 7 Plus), stereo speakers and iOS 10.

5.Google Home

google home

Google Home is both cheaper and prettier. Powered by the Google Assistant, Home works the same as the Echo: Speak to it, and it’ll control your smart lights, play music through its speaker or tell you the weather.

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 6.Samsung Gear 360

samsung gear 360

Samsung Gear 360 is the most accessible one, provided you own a compatible Samsung Galaxy phone to connect it with. It is ridiculously easy to use, takes gorgeous high-resolution 360 videos and photos, and is water and dust resistant. If you’re going all in on 360 videos and VR, the Gear 360 is the GoPro of the category.

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7.DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is the first DJI’s  foldable drone and one of the world’s first foldable consumer drones in this class — the Mavic Pro simply astounds. In addition to its compact size, the drone also has all of the smarts of the Phantom 4, including obstacle avoidance and subject-tracking, and the 4K video capture is nearly on par as well.

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8.Apple Airports

iphone ipod

Apple’s AirPods are surprisingly powerful as they resemble a pair of EarPods with the wires snipped off. Like Beats’ Solo 3, the AirPods have Apple’s W1 wireless chip for easier pairing and greater battery life (up to 5 hours on a charge).

9.Amazon Echo( 2nd Gen)

Amazon echo

The Echo Dot second-generation is notable for its size and price. The hockey puck-shaped smart home assistant has the same technology that makes the full-size Echo feel like magic. With an Alexa voice command, you can get the weather, play music, get trivia answers, and control your smart home devices, just like with the Echo. The built-in speaker isn’t as powerful or loud as the Echo’s, but you can plug this baby into regular speakers with an audio cable or connect it wirelessly to a Bluetooth speaker. And since it’s only $50, you can get the six-pack for $250 and put one in every room.


10.Razer Blade Stealth

The new Razer Blade Stealth raises the standard for ultra-mobility and powerful Ultrabook™ performance. The supremely portable and powerful Razer Blade Stealth is here to redefine PC gaming. It’s the perfect device for gamers on the go, measuring just 0.52 inches thin and weighing a mere 2.7 pounds.The incredibly thin CNC aluminum chassis encases the latest 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, up to 16GB of RAM and the most visually stunning 12.5” 4K or QHD high-resolution displays available.

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