15 Reasons to migrate from blogger to WordPress


These are the strong reasons which made me to migrate from blogger to WordPress. Well, you too should because there are many things to explore that the HTML, CSS and 3000 lined blogger theme customization. Here are the list of my personal reasons to migrate from blogger,


As a professional blogger, you will always look to earn some income from your blog and of course you should because you are spending your precious time to write the quality content.  Adsense is an ad network by google which pays you per view of add, per click and per sell as well. Adsense do not encourage free blogging platforms, so no chance to get adsense approved.


Due to poor content optimization and SEO optmization, your free blogger site won’t rank as higher than other WordPress and self-hosted sites,  which is a  negative sign for your free blogging platform.


Designing and customizing a blogger theme always a lengthy process. Not only because the whole code in single file but also because of long codes. In wordpress, all the code is in sections and you can customize as per your requirement.


In a search of a free blogger theme, i got a good looking theme, but when i tried to customize the footer, It started redirecting to other site. So will you like that ?


When you write the content in WordPress you will shows the measurement of readability and SEO and tips to improve them, but in blogger, There is nothing called readability. In WordPress hosting, you can put your keyword and make the content targeting for the specific keyword.


You can add almost every feature you need for free. but at blogger, Get back to the 3000 lines codes and edit them.


WordPress have a huge community over the internet in multiple languages.


Sometime, The content/article might be awesome or might be very first in the market and you don’t want the user to read for free, but by paying some amount or pay by a share. You cannot do that, But in WordPress to do these type of things just in seconds.


You cannot become a pro blogger until you start assigning works to the other bloggers working under you.


Spammers are everywhere, Once your blog becomes popular spammers will never miss a chance to spam. You can do that by using “wp-shield” plugin in you WordPress site.


You can upload unlimited no of files and access them without any issue. This will be a big issue if you are using blogger as a platform.

  • You cannot upload you files Eg: ZIP files or Android apk files.
  • Linking is an issue.


There is no rule to close the HTML tag before publishing the content. Where as in blogger each and every tag should be properly close before publishing. The publish error really sucks at blogger platform because you have write the content by researching and designed by your creative HTML info but your.blogspot.com free website refused to publish because you forget to close the silly HTML tag.


You can save a lot of time if you migrate from blogger, yes , I’ll tell you how

  • You will save time to close those silly HTML tags
  • You can add almost any new function just in minutes.
  • You can change the look and feel of the whole blog just in few clicks, and that is for free.
  • You cam access all the file you have uploaded at a single place.
  • You have a drag and drop feature for content writing, blogger platform do not have that.


You can control everything just from the admin panel. In bonus, WordPress plugins allow new users to register and submit their post as a guest user. Well, creating guest blogging section is something link counting no of stars in sky.


Blogger can be made a professional looking site but only if you have proper knowledge in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and little of XML.


Life is to short to spend in learning HTML tags and CSS stylings. Adopt WordPress explore the blogging world.

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