10 Things you Don’t know about Apple

10 things to know about apple

Apple is just not just a brand or which produces the good looking iPhones and Macbook =s but also many things. 

It is also not like everybody Talks about Apple but there are many unknown facts which are not revealed by media are neither revealed by Apple. Apple is mean to the great features and quality in their devices and services.

Apple is mean to the great features and quality in their devices and services. We listed the 10 facts which are likely not known by most of the users.

#1 Apple iPads retina display is actually made by Samsung

No doubt Apple doesn’t manufacture all the product by itself it takes from other related companies.   the used and iPads are made by Samsung.

#2 Fake Store In China

Sounds funny, There are many fake stores in China that even the real employees got fooled when it comes to buying the right product from the wrong place.

The duplicate version of popular products made by Apple can be found in no time from the date of release. But it is totally funny that in China there are many fake Apple stores Who is looks exactly same with original Apple store.

#3 Smoking weed will void warranty of Apple devices

Apple warned it’s users if you are Apple devices smells like smoke.  Apple gives a reason that they care about the employee,  and smoke may cause them with diseases.

#4 Apple has “slide to unlock patent”

That means that none of the upcoming smartphones will have the same features officially and legally. No doubt slide to unlock feature can be Neverland device by the help of launchers.

#5 Employees at the headquarter in Cupertino  125000 dollars a year

#6 Everything you  tell to Siri is sent to Apple, analyzed and stored for 2 years

Santa next time whenever you talk to Siri be careful that what you are telling,  it may become a legal issue.  All data is sent to the Apple and analyzed in their servers.


#7 The logo of Apple iPhone wasn’t the same with cut apple

The original logo was not the same you see on the back of and Apple devices.  but it was with Isaac Newton with an apple falling from a tree.


#8 The name a Macintosh was inspired by an apple Real Apple

This is one of the top fact people really don;t know about. But congratulations you know it.

#9 The first iPod had a secret easter egg

if you have the old iPad then you can still go and check out that it has the same thing.


#10 All iPhones are built at minimal design concept

When Apple operating system gives some updates,  it goes to every smartphone iPad iPod Mac Macintosh honors in no time.  but in the history of Android, it never happened,  when Google gives Marshmallow update in October 2015 but ill March-April all the Android Smartphone Smartphone.

#11 Better support than any other phone manufacturers

It is the best thing I have ever observed in apple products. The real fact Apple understood  “ The doesn’t become perfect when you release and see it to the customer but when you support your customer with their device problems”.

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