10 Hidden Features in Chrome

hidden features in chrome.

10 hidden features in chrome may 2016

#1save web page as PDF

This feature allows you to save the whole web page in a single PDF format . you can save them offline are reuse them without having any internet connection.

How to use: MAC: command+print

windows: control + print

Android: chrome ->menu->print and save the file as pdf .

#2 select and search :

you can select any context from the web page and make a direct search on google. If you prefer to select and search on different search engine then you can change it from google chrome settings.

How to use : select your text then right click select search on google .

#3 hidden calculation :

Google chrome also work as a very fast and efficient calculator . But it works only if you are connected to the internet . literally, it’s a feature of google embedded in chrome.

How to use: type any calculation in the address bar and just wait for the instant search result . If you don’t have the instant search option you go with the search option .

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#4 tilt

This is interesting. You just type “tilt” o google and see what happens . the whole tab is presented with a different angle. The result page will be inclined with some angle. It can be used when you are using your laptop on the bed and comfortable with the angle of the laptop.

How to use : just type tilt in chrome and you will see the result

#5 Media Player :

What you will do if you cannot afford RAM for many software installed in your system .chrome will reduce that burden . just drag and drop your file in chrome and boom, you can use any media file in it.

hodden features in chrome video player

Just drag and media file from your folder and it will play automatically.

#7 100 tabs :

Yes, 100 tabs . you can open 100 tabs simultaneously on your phone . this feature is limited to chrome. The RAM usage will increase when you will use multiple tabs. It will be highly recommended use multiple tabs only when you need them.

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#8 Chrome task manager :

yes, Chrome has its own task manager with the help of that you will be able to control the process running inside that.

#9 Google Logo Pac-Man

It is a game which can be played just by searching the keyword “Google Logo Pac-Man“.

google hidden features pacman game

google hidden features pacman game


#10 The dinosaur game

You must have seen this if you are not then. This is an offline gave inbuilt into the google chrome. It appears in the windows when internet connection fails.

How to play dinosaur Game in google chrome?

Close your internet connection and open google chrome, search something, it will show you some error along with the Dinosaur game. Just tap your space and play.

Hope you like this article, and have learned something which is useful to save your time. I am sure this article resolves your query “hidden features in chrome

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