10 Best android apps for your kid

best android apps for kids

There are hundreds of apps to help your kids mind; Parents get confused every time that which app is good for their child. I found few of them very interesting, and these apps are easy to play and learn.

So,we selected 10 Android apps that help parents to make their kids smarter. We considered some apps that kids can use it very well and learn many things, and also help to develop their brain. So like challenging Puzzlers, arcade games, and fun apps. Parents easily find and age appropriate affordable and awesome app that fits their kid’s needs.

So like challenging Puzzlers, arcade games, and fun apps. Parents acn easily find and age appropriate affordable and awesome app that fits their kid’s needs.

1. Puzzling 


Puzzingo is an app for kids Puzzingo is not only education for learning numbers, alphabets or animal words. It is also entertaining for kids with sound and color puzzle. Kids learn new vocabulary.


* Easy to play for kids

* Kids learn the language through the app.

* Animal sounds are made for animal shape.

* This app for toddlers and pre-scholars.

* This is the main source of entertaining for the kids.

2. Alpha Tots

This app has an excellent tool for helping children to learn the alphabets. It is easy for kids of virtually all ages to navigate. Every parents like too much of this app. Filled with creative and clever interactive activities that are fun to do.


* This is a creative and educational app.

* All letters are always on screen.

* It is so attractive that kids use it again and again.

* It improves the pronunciation clear of the kids.


3. Peekaboo Barn

This app is a cute and funny way to teach toddlers, animal names and sounds. Parent set very easily to the animal names to be in other languages. And the main benefits that they can record their voices in any languages. So, Every parent want to download this app for their children.


* This App helps to learn, to identify more than a dozen animals

* Children can learn any languages by this app.

* This app is very good for learn more.

* You can use it from the many countries. Letter and word recognition naming vocabulary.

DOWNLOAD Peekaboo Barn

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 4. Disney Princess Palace Pets

Parents can also like this type of Android apps for their kids. This app is free that included six of the Disney Princess – Cinderella’s dog pumpkin, Aurora’s Cut Beauty, Belle’s Dog, Teacup, Ariel’s Cut Treasure, Snow White’s Bunny Berry and Rapunzel’s horse Blondie. This app is big. The narration and voice are weldone, and kids will be able to navigate the activities easily.


* This app is so entertaining for the kids.

* By this app, kids learn many types of story and take a help to explain it.

* Everything is pretty intuitive even for pre schoolers. The pets respond to the different grooming.


5. Dr. Panda’s Hospital

Every parent know very well that Dr. Panda’s Hospital is an interactive educational app that teaches pre-school and kindergarten kids. Kids pretend to work at a hospital. This app improves the kid’s mind that how to care about cute animals and different health problem. This is a cute app for simple learning fun. By this app, kids know about hospitals and their rooms.


* Help of this app, kids can learn basic age appropriate information about health and procedure.

* This app is a way that kids learn this type of activities and know what is a doctor and patient.


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 6. Kids Numbers And Math

This is a fun game teach and reinforce numbers for young kids. Every parent want to know that how their kids learn easily about maths. So, this app helps to recognize the kids about numbers and maths. This app also prefers the other five languages. Kids can very easily solve the addition and subtraction problem. Parents can also set the numbers to range to match their children’s the current learning level.


* By this app, Kids can learn fundamental math skills.

* They can also learn to count in 5 different languages with this app.

* Due to this app, they can also practice problem-solving.

DOWNLOAD Kids Numbers And Math

7. Starfall ABCs

Every parent should know that Starfall ABCs is an app that works well for toddlers and preschoolers. This app shows that wide verity of ways visually and audibly within words and sentences. This is a very sold early learning app. Kids will hear the sound of each letter. In this app, there is some cute animation that can be triggered for each word. It also has some truly interactive bits.


* This app works very well for toddlers and preschoolers.

* This is the right path that kids learn more things.

* It’s a solid early learning.


8. Beck and Bo by Avokiddo

Beck and Bo by Avokiddo is a lovely choice for kids who belongs to toddler groups. Kids will easily to learn and think logically about how to play new items in the scene. Parents like this game much because this app help to make easy to solve the vocabulary. Toddlers lightly discover what they want to make. So, this app is very easy to play.  Kids can learn to use their imagination to complete the scene. They can also develop their logical skill through this app.


* Kid use their imagination to complete the scene.

* This is the main way that they improve their logical skill.

* This app is designed with toddlers in mind, so the app is very easy to play.

* In this app, kids need to complete all the adventure in the scene before they earn stars.

DOWNLOAD Beck and Bo by Avokiddo

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9. Evernote

This is a good app. That related to the multiple platforms. This is a widely use productivity tools. This app is a great tool for a student. So, Every parent should know about this android app. Kids can make separate note books for each subject area. And they can take a benefit from color coding, highlighting. The microphone feature can be helpful for kids who has difficulty with verbal memory. Children can share note or links by email or social media like facebook, twitter, WhatsApp. They may encounter ever note more and more. The search function is great.

* To the help of this app, Kids can learn organizational skills and resource management.

* This is a good app way that kids learn many things with variety.

* Every kid should use this app and take advantage.

* It has a great user experience.


10. Odd Squad: Blob-Chase

This is a really good app according to my knowledge that kids use it in an easy way and enjoy to much. So, Parent should know that Odd Squad: Blob-Chase is leveled arcade game. Due to the help of this app kids using maths principal and problem-solving skills. They didn’t need to familiar with the squad to be able to play this game. In this app, kid may need help to solve some levels. Kids start from the beginning to pass that levels. There has an another feature to get help with tapping the hints button that makes this app great. It also has a fun video game where kids can enjoy. Kids put their problem very easily.


* From this app kids learn problem-solving, some maths, and any other critical thinking

* Through this game, kids learn maths but it will depend on, how kids approach this game.

* You have to learn few rules of this game, that helps to you, how to play.

DOWNLOAD Odd Squad: Blob-Chase

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