Things You Should Know Before You Purchase iPhone7

things to know before you buy iPhone 7

Things You Should Know Before You Purchase iPhone7

Apple always makes its products demanding and worth it. People wait like crazy to see and attend the launches of Apple’s iPhone. Recently, Apple launched its new phone, one of the most awaited iPhone 7. With its great quality and slim design, it has attracted a big crowd. And you may be one of them. But before you pay such a big amount for your phone, there are few things that you should know about your iPhone. We will here discuss few facts and theories that you should know before you purchase iPhone7.

The Look

For us being humans, first of all, what matters for us after buying a product are its looks. We wish that our product should have an approaching and classy appearance. And Apple iPhone7 has that approaching and appealing look. The new magnificent black color gives you another pride of carrying the new iPhone with you. Apart from its resemblance from iPhone 6, the new added beauty flushes it all off and make iPhone7 the real masterpiece of beauty and looks. iPhone7 thus, offers you the best look ever, which demands that you should surely purchase it.


The second Camera

We all know very well about the great camera quality of iPhones. But this time, Apple has done something more incredible that will make you fall for iPhone7 once again. The 2x camera with optical zoom is just amazing. The photographs and video that will be taken out of it are phenomenal and it actually makes the captured moment more special. The better quality with double multiplication have made this camera better than ever before. Hurry up and get your moment captures, as the new iPhone7 has not one but two cameras. So, enjoy your moment with “the another camera”.

iPhone Is Finally Water Resistant

Imagine what will you do if a glass full of water splits on your new iPhone7. You would probably start crying and screaming thinking that your iPhone7 is about to die. But the good news is no need of doing this. You can calmly take your phone and clean it with a dry cloth because the new iPhone7 is water- resistant. You don’t need to take care of your iPhone worrying about water. As this time no one can stop you from using your phone freely. So, enjoy this new amazing feature of iPhone7 as now no water danger will follow you.

The Virtual Home Button

Well, this function is loved by most of the users. Apple has a brilliant touch quality and many users tell that locking and unlocking phone from this virtual home button are much better than the physical one. It works faster and gives a smarter look to the phone. On the other hand, some users are missing the old physical home button. This choice actually varies from person to person. So, now you decide which button you like. If you want to enjoy the virtual then iPhone7 is made for you else iPhone7 is just not your types.

The Stereo Speakers

This is simply the best feature that came with iPhone7. It is the first phone to come with the stereo speakers. You can now boom it and blow it with your phone wherever you want and the way you want. Apple users have just loved this feature. The traditional way of carrying the speakers with you is now no
more with you as you have an iPhone7. So, blow the sound and get the loudest and the clearest sound and music with iPhone7, because it’s time to step up.
The Increased Battery Life:-
What problems iPhone users faced earlier was the battery back up of iPhones. But the new iPhone has solved it all. It has the best battery life with extra added hours. Now, no worries if you forgot to charge your phone last night. The new iPhone7 will manage it all. This has become possible due to Apple’s new A10 Fusion chip. It has simply enhanced the battery life of this piece and has sorted out with one of the major needs of the customers. Hence, Apple has a better battery life this time so it’s time to eat this new Apple.

The New Operating System

The new operating system of apple iphone7 is quite approaching. Where few features will make you fall in love with apple once again. On the other hand, few will force you to throw your phone from the stairs. Yes, it is absolutely true. The new iPhone7 have a feature which makes it work on its own. You can either love this feature or get irritated from is but you always have a choice of using it or not. So, decide as per your needs.

The Bottom Line

Apple iPhone7 is one of the most awaited and beautifully designed phones that has won many hearts but have disappointed few apple fans somewhere. Before, you go for purchasing it do consider the above-mentioned points and then decide what you want. It is a big decision so make it wisely. Analyze your choices and then go for it. Good luck!!!

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