why http://sandisk-flashsale.com/ is real or fake [With Proof]

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These promotional messages are at the peak these days claiming yu will get a 16GB pen drive just for Rs 19. I have used the cloned version of the amazon web page , which seems a bit real in appearance but in reality in is nothing.


The message is something like this

“Breaking News, Amazon’s Best Selling Sandisk 16 GB Pendrive at Just 19 Rs on 27 July 2016. Buy It Now Before Sale Ends. Cash On Delivery Also Available. Visit just now http://amazon.sandisk-flashsale.com”

These are the reason why we can say http://sandisk-flashsale.com/ fake .

#1 The cloned webpage

The web page is a simple page cloned and modified from amazon . which you can find here link .

#2 The comment system

When you try to see the comments and reviews of customers who already bought this product. The system is not at all capable of doing that .


#3 Fulfilled by amazon http://sandisk-flashsale.com/ comemnt system

They are showing the amazon icon to show that product of amazon fulfilled. If this site belongs to sandisk brand then why the fun you ar showing Amazon fulfilled.

#poorly optimised

This site looks gooad at just smartphone, when you open in desktop It looks poor. The language they use

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#4 Tricking to download the App and registehttp://sandisk-flashsale.com/ englishr

They are tricking people to download their devil app. When you download the App The data in your phone will be sync to their server. If  they have something really bad to do they will lock down your phone .



#5 The Price section Screen Shot 1938-05-05 at 7.09.18 amshows that  product you buy is amazon fulfilled.

A very simple logic, Why SanDisk people will fulfill their product by amazon .

#6 Claiming App is official

http://sandisk-flashsale.com that app you will download is official it is not. Of app will be official it should be on some trusted stores . Eg : play store




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