Why http://nikefreedeal.com/ is fake/real ? [WITH PROOF]

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Dear friends Have a look on these points before believing that you gonna get free product or services either it may be branded shoes or anything else .

“Yaaay ,NIKE is Doing biggest promotion on 2016, To increase their brand value they are giving away free Branded Original Shoes for Limited Number of people.Shoes are available for both men and women.This shoes are costly but you get it absolutely free with free shipping.Get your free shoes at http://nikefreedeal.com/”nike free deal home page

This message have been popular on social media . It’s more on WhatsApp than to facebook as the the page being programmed for WhatsApp sharing .

Let’s check the site information from trusted sources and also when it was created and when developed.
#1.The domain is just 5 days old and has comment system similar to Facebook not exactly. One who tries to comment any this it asks to be logged in which you are never gonna get.

#2.They are just using JavaScript to count amount of shares count on whatsApp you do.[fail]

Literally, That means you just open your whatsApp through the link but do not forward any message . The count will be added .[Do for 15 times to go to the next page without forwarding any message]

#3.The URL you see do not have any parameter(unique id) to track that who is sharing . They have implemented JAVASCRIPT code in way that it count no of times whatsApp opened through the link .

#4.Comment section asks for LogIn credentials . Really doesn’t provide any login credentials .


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#5 providing free Shoe site should not go with the advertiser site to download applications . When any visitor downloads apps the website[nikefreedeal.com] owner  get paid.   Also in if a website do not have proper tracking and cannot afford their app to be on play store the why the fun they will give free NIKE SHOES .




#6 fake popups and unwanted advertisements.

#7 The 3 offers are limited in which 1st not even response even after click . (you might me thinking may be any technical issue , aah  not at all that’s PNG file not a button with not href)

#8 The links redirect to play store with affiliate(paid) links . One question pleae. If you wanna Give us free Nike shoes why the hell you want to get paid  !. Yes readers  they are getting paid for every app installation every customer is doing .


Dear all , let’s educate each other by sharing our knowledge.
Please correct me if m wrong .


Help and teach your friends about this scams. This is not the first link which offers like this but there are many .If they still don’t agree let them experience . 😀



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And please Stop promoting and forwarding these type of scam promo activities on WhatsApp or any medium , which really doesn’t worth doing .


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  1. Just to promote their products by making people know about them and also been paid,hmmm is this part of marketing.

  2. I don’t know about that but everyone fake person I warned you? and this linked creator next time don’t send me and other peoples cellphone? In this types for some linked and linked creator whenever I will find out this all fake person to send any peoples mobile phone what’s app new means fake linked and offer schemes but this is all for company profit so understood all person and LinkedIn creator…….Just I hope understood all peoples ? k and Kind your information all members and all fake persons I’m excellent and fluent HæÇķěŔ…..?staff one chance you have available in this time. So just I’m warned for all people’s and mostly I warned fake linked creator?And My name is Rohan Karale ok so don’t Try next time…..and one time think all staff relaxly ok…..And whose I’m Do you know that all staff and all people’s….Don’t try next time and this complaint is transfer to the big department of Delhi and most bigger than transfer in this complaint in very most Important head of the department In USA (New York) OK so you will all fake linked creator and check in the main head department of USA or Delhi……I Can’t lying with all persons ok…….?


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