Why http://m.freedomledtv.com/ is real or fake ? [ WITH PROOF ]

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” whatsapp://send?text=* Breaking News, Freedom Selling 32 INCH LED TV at Just 999 Rs because of Golden Anniversary. Buy It Now Before Sale Ends. Cash On Delivery Also Available. Visit just now* http://freedomledtv.com/”


This message has been popular on social media . It’s more on WhatsApp than to facebook as the page being programmed for WhatsApp sharing .Let’s check the site information from trusted sources and also when it was created and when developed.



#1.The domain is just 4 days old [on 30-Jun-2016] .


#2.They are just using JavaScript to count no of shares count on whatsApp you do.[fail]


Literally, That means you just open your whatsApp through the link but do not forward any message . The count will be added .[Do for specified no of times to go to the next page without forwarding any message][ Try the same link on Desktop you will find the reallity ]


#3.The URL you see do not have any parameter(unique id) to track that who is sharing . They have implemented JAVASCRIPT code in a way that it count no of times whatsApp opened through the link .



#4 : The app is not hosted securely . If you download that app there is a chance of data leakage as they aren’t using HTTPS protocol but HTTP.

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#5 providing LEDTV at RS 999 site should not redirect to the advertiser site to download applications .


What happens is when any visitor like you and me download apps the website?

[ http://m.freedomledtv.com/ ] it’s simple, The site owner  get paid for the advertisement and app install they get]

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#6 Unprofessional language

[Please Prove You are not a Robot, We Need To Verify You.]. The cloned and modified version of amazon site.

#poorly optimised

This site looks gooad at just smartphone, when you open in desktop It looks poor. The language they use



Help and teach your friends about this scams. This is not the first link which offers like this but there are many .If they still don’t agree let them experience . 😀

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