Why Freedom251rs.com is fake or real ? [ With Proof ]

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“TODAY’S BREAKING NEWS ALL OVER INDIA, Freedom 251 Android Phone is BACK – दुनिया का सबसे सस्ता Smartphone Freedom 251 की delivery चालू हो गयी है जिसकी delivery 5th July तक होगी  वो भी cash on delivery में । अभी लेने के लिए mobile book करे | Visit http://freedom251rs.com”

Heyy all,hope you must have seen the above message on social media. Let’s come to the Topic “Freedom251” which have come up with a new name “Freedom251rs.com” website . This website claims to give Freedom 251 mobile phone with free Cash on Delivery . Aah the whole India knows well about The craze made by freedom 251 . Finally none of them got a single piece of Freedom251 which was giving freedom to India (in terms of smart-phone).


So whats www.freedom251rs.com is all about ?

Okay so this is just a website made with HTML and javascript for a scam . They to do marketting with this website .

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What Marketing, i cannot see anything getting sold on this website ?

Yes you are right in a perspective to user of the site . But if you think in terms of a website maintainance or digital marketing . The whole focus of this website is free publicity and more earning.

You can observe one thing that they are asking to download their app. The app is not hosted on play store. How a company like ringing bell gonna sell their device if they don’t have enough money to host their app on play store .

And also you can also see that the site is asking to share the message in 9 groups and friends . Do you remember any of the moment you wanted to buy a new mobile phone and with condition of sharing message to 9 groups/friends . No right !

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They are doing this because  “who don’t like a smart-phone which has comparative features wit other phones at just Rs 249 “.  And then people start submitting their personal details blindly to get the Phone at Rs 249. And they get benefit in many cases.

  1. App downloads
  2. Free traffic
  3. Free publicity (Without spending a single penny).
  4. By selling your personal data
  5. freedom251rs tech10ment adsense
    Adsense earnings

    Earning through advertisement (pic =>)



Here are the few of the proof which expands reality of freedom251rs.com

Screen Shot 1938-04-11 at 9.40.28 pm

This data explains about the website details .

The site was created during the time of Freedom251 scam , which was nearly april. Then the site went viral on facebook and whatsApp .



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Help and teach your friends about this scams. This is not the first link which offers like this but there are many .If they still don’t agree let them experience . 😀

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